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The winners of the Kindness Campaign video contest were announced May 3 at Brenden Theatres in Vacaville by myself and Solano County District Attorney Krishna Abrams following a screening of the top 10 video submissions.


Kindness Campaign Awards Gala

This past Wednesday (May 3) dozens of students, their teachers and families filled Brenden Theatres in Vacaville for what could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

For the students, it was a chance to see their work-in video format-shown on the big screen, complete with booming surround sound and from the comfort of the recently installed reclining seats. More important, it was an opportunity for their voices to be heard on the topic of bullying and the power of kindness. 

In March, a Kindness Campaign was rolled out to all Solano County students in grades 7 through 12. The idea was to get students to address the negative impact of bullying by making a video that expressed how positive behavior can have an improve their school communities. By focusing on kindness, the project was able to compliment the push for positive behavior interventions that school leaders have embraced across the county. Many of our youth feel the weight of bullying at school and today that pressure can follow them home through social media. Through the Kindness Campaign, we hope to promote positive behavior as a way to combat bullying. 

The student response to this inaugural video contest was impressive. Each of the 50 videos entered were unique and many carried a strong message about the harm bullying can do to our youth in the digital age, whereas others offered hope and could serve as a model for all of us as we think about how we interact with others on a day-to-day basis. 

Through the generosity of Brenden Theatres, the top 10 finalist videos had a proper venue and the red carpet was rolled out to greet them. Some worked alone, some worked as a group, and in all, 27 students from Buckingham Magnet Charter High School, Vanden High School, Fairfield High School and Early College High School rose to the top. It was a packed theater, as the students brought their parents and teachers along for the show.

In one particular video, the opening shot pans across a classroom of students only to settle on an empty desk. The next scene shows a football player throwing a ball downfield, only to find there is no one there to catch it. The video closes by asking the viewer, “If kindness saves lives, who did you save?”

For me the takeaway from that student's work is we don’t always know what’s going on in someone else’s life, and the choices we make to be kind or not could make the difference between that desk being filled or empty.

Other videos found the perfect marriage between music and the message.  The videos had the ability make us laugh and make us think deeply about how our actions affect others. 

The winning video (click link to view:, entered by Buckingham Charter Magnet High School students Savannah Wylie, Brooke Parker, Isaac Flower and Trinity Garrido, used words and music to make a powerful statement about the harmful effects that teasing, making threats or spreading rumors can have on someone. The video reminds us that we all have feelings, and asks the viewer to consider which voice they want to be: One that has the power to save a life or end one.  

The work that our students have put in to address the harmful effects of bullying does not end here. There is no stronger voice than that of our youth, the ones who are directly impacted by harmful behavior, going directly to their classmates, teachers, family and friends.  And having seen the work of these talented kids, I believe there is hope for kindness to spread in our community.



Since 2003, Supervisor John M. Vasquez has had the privilege to represent the 4th Supervisorial District covering Northern Solano County. The district includes portions of Vacaville and Dixon.

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