Public Outreach - Watsonville Transit Center Redesign

Watsonville Transit Center Redesign

Santa Cruz METRO and the City of Watsonville are partnering to redesign the Watsonville Transit Center in the heart of downtown Watsonville.

Help shape the vision for the new design of the future of the station.

Round 1 - Community Meetings

October 23rd

2:00pm-4pm - Booth at the Watsonville Transit Center - 475 Rodriguez Street, Watsonville

5:30pm-7pm - Watsonville Main Library - 275 Main St. Suite 100, Watsonville

October 24th

3:00pm-7pm - Kiosk at the Watsonville Farmers Market - Downtown Plaza, Watsonville


Located at the corner of Rodriguez Street and W. Lake Avenue, the site began its existence as a bank and was later converted in 1994 to serve as Watsonville's primary multimodal transit center.

After 20 years of wear and tear, the current transit center is an aging and outdated facility with issues that need to be addressed. The primary goals of the project include transforming the current configuration into a smoother operating, visually open, and inviting transit center that is compatible with the rest of the city, and meets Watsonville's future needs.

The new design offers opportunities for METRO, the City of Watsonville, and the surrounding community to improve the experience for commuters and METRO employees alike. The Watsonville Transit Center will act as a partial gateway to the downtown area of Watsonville by putting a new front onto Rodriguez Street. It will also provide a catalyst for positive development in the surrounding area. The new transit center will provide an attractive environment that is safe, functional, and iconic for the Watsonville community at large.

Community input is a key element to help shape the future of the transit center. These meetings are an opportunity to gather community input and feedback on the current design options. There will be two rounds of community outreach, both of which will include an open house and a booth at the Watsonville Farmers Market.

Information will also be available on METRO and City of Watsonville websites, and other social media platforms to gather community feedback between meetings. Community members are encouraged to participate in shaping the future the Watsonville Transit Center. We look forward to your input!


Contact: Liseth Guizar