Fall Service Schedule - Preview Available on Website

Fall service begins on Thursday, September 16, 2021.

METRO is making changes to improve service, including a new route, reinstating suspended routes, making service additions on existing routes, and minor schedule changes to improve service reliability. 

New service: the Watsonville Circulator, will run one clockwise loop hourly from 12:01pm to 7:01pm, and a counter-clockwise loop hourly from 12:43pm to 7:45pm. The clockwise route runs from Watsonville Transit Center to Main St, Green Valley Road, Freedom Centre, Freedom Blvd, Lincoln St, and E. Lake. The other direction runs the opposite direction along the same route, except it uses E. Beach St instead of E. Lake St.

Service additions: With the return of in-person classes at UCSC, Routes 15 and 22, suspended since Spring 2020, will return. Route 22 will again operate from the Seymour Center at the Coastal Science Campus to the UCSC main campus, but will follow a new route: Delaware Blvd, Almar Ave, Mission St, and Bay Dr (Upper Bay).

Removal of Summer Modifications: Route 10 Beach/Boardwalk service has been discontinued; the route will operate only between Santa Cruz Metro Center and UCSC. The Cedar & Walnut stop (Stop ID 2304) is no longer a timepoint, but remains as a regular stop. The last Route 71 trip to the Boardwalk will also be discontinued. Route 55 will return to its previous schedule of three weekend trips. 

Minor schedule changes will be made on Routes 35, 42, 69A, 69W, and 71 to improve reliability.  On Route 35, the last two trips of the evening will run via Glen Arbor Road instead of Hwy 9/Highlands Park.  All UCSC routes have changes for the Fall schedule.

ParaCruz service will not be impacted by these changes to fixed route service.  

To review these modifications in detail, please visit our news bulletins page: https://www.scmtd.com/metro-news-bulletins.

Please check our schedules page for the preview of Fall service: https://www.scmtd.com/routes

The Fall Headways Bus Rider's Guide will be available on all Buses & Transit Centers on September 9, 2021