Post-Fire Water Quality Advisory Update

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June 1, 2018


Santa Rosa Water's number one priority is safely restoring water service to the fire damaged portion of the City's water system in Fountaingrove.  


A portion of Fountaingrove’s water system was contaminated Advisory Area Mapduring the October wildfires when melting plastics, smoke, soot, and ash were drawn into the water system. These contaminants adhered and absorbed into water service lines, which delivers water from the water main to your meter, and into some system components and are leaching into the water system.

The ongoing investigation and data confirm that the fire caused the contamination, the contamination is concentrated in water services, and that over time the contamination will flush out of the system. What has not been confirmed is how long it will take to flush the contamination out of the system. The current sampling data continues to show a decrease in the level of contamination over time, which is promising.  

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Through our intensive investigation, the data shows the highest levels of contamination is in water services, which deliver water from the water main in the street to your water meter.

We are optimistic, based on the data, that removing contaminated water services will help us to identify whether water service line replacement resolves the issue, if additional targeted repair is needed, or if full replacement of the water system is necessary. By taking this phased approach, we may be able to restore water service sooner and reduce disruption of rebuilding/construction activities.

Next steps include:

  1. Replacing water services to all 352 properties in the advisory area.
  2. Installing activated carbon water filtration systems, if needed and as necessary, for re-occupancy.
  3. Reconnecting the water system in the Fountaingrove area to monitor the system under “normal operations.”


The City will begin the process of replacing fire damaged water services this month. It is estimated that the contractors will complete work by the end of August 2018. Once water services are replaced they will be resampled to confirm the contamination is removed and property owners will be notified via mail. 

For questions about the water service replacement project, please contact Jillian Tilles, Associate Civil Engineer at 707-543-3878 or For all other water quality related questions, please contact Water Quality at 543-3965 or



To minimize impacts to rebuilding and provide safe drinking water to residents in the Fountaingrove water quality advisory area, the City is committed to install and maintain, if needed and as necessary, temporary activated carbon water filtration systems to provide drinking water that meets all regulatory standards for occupancy.

Santa Rosa Water is actively working on a solution to provide construction and irrigation water at properties located within the water quality advisory area. In addition, property owners inside the advisory area can truck in water for construction and landscaping or use on-site water tanks.

For questions about re-connecting to water service, please contact Water Engineering Services at 707-543-3959 or 707-543-4613, or


Following water service replacement and the installation of needed filtration systems at existing homes, the City will return the Fountaingrove water quality advisory to “normal operations”. The return to normal operations will include circulating water through the entire advisory area, flushing, and monitoring the system. The data will determine if the replacement of water services has resolved the issue. If the data shows issues in isolated areas of the water system the City will perform targeted repair to remove the contamination. If the data shows no improvement, the City will begin the process of replacing affected portions of the water system until water quality meets all regulatory requirements. By taking this phased approach, we may be able to restore water service sooner and reduce disruption of rebuilding and construction activities.


  • Connecting to water and sewer service, please contact Water Engineering Services: call 707-543-3959 or 707-543-4613, email
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