Post-Fire Water Quality Advisory Update: Water Supply for Occupancy in the Fountaingrove Advisory Area

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April 30, 2018


UPDATE: Reconnecting to Water Service in Fountaingrove Water Quality Advisory Area

To minimize impacts to rebuilding in the Fountaingrove water quality advisory area, the City will provide temporary on-site solutions that will allow for occupancy in advance of the full restoration of the water distribution system within the advisory area. The City will install, as determined necessary for re-occupancy, on-site filtration/treatment systems to provide drinking water that meets state and federal drinking water standards. These systems will be installed, owned, and maintained by Santa Rosa Water and will be maintained on-site until the water distribution system in the advisory areas is determined to be restored. Prior to installation of the on-site filtration/treatment systems where needed, the City will replace the City-owned portion of all water services lines within the advisory area from the water main pipeline to the meter.

The City is currently working with the State Water Resources Control Board Division of Drinking Water and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to design the on-site filtration/treatment systems. Once the system has been approved by regulators, the City will put a contract out for bid for the installation of on-site treatment systems.The City estimates that property owners will have the ability to connect to water service in the next three to four months. Homeowners opting for connection where it is determined that a City-maintained filtration/treatment system is necessary, will be required to execute an agreement with the City addressing access and other relevant issues.


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