February 2023 - Stormwater Pollution Prevention Events

county of san diego watershed protection program

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Events

February 2023

We all play a part in preventing stormwater pollution. Here are some ways to get involved in February and help protect our local waterways! All events are free unless otherwise indicated.


Cleanup Events



I Love A Clean San Diego (ILACSD) Community Cleanups The following in-person cleanup events are being offered in February to divert litter from their respective watersheds and local communities.

  • February 4, 9am to 11am – Watershed Warriors: Harbison Canyon Cleanup Attend the kick-off at the cleanup site at 9am and then collect trash from around Harbison Canyon to divert litter from the Sweetwater watershed. Offered in partnership with the County of San Diego. Learn more or sign up.
  • February 11, 9am to 11am Coffee Date Cleanup with Think Blue San Diego – Attend the Valentine’s weekend litter cleanup in Barrio Logan at 9am and then collect trash to divert litter from the Chollas watershed, part of the San Diego Bay watershed. Site location: Memorial Dog Park. Offered in partnership with Think Blue San Diego. Coffee provided by partner Café Moto. Learn more or register.
  • February 23, 3pm to 5pm – Sunset Sweep: Manzanita Canyon Cleanup Attend the kick-off at the cleanup site at 3pm and then get out there to collect trash from around the Manzanita Canyon to divert litter from the San Diego Bay watershed. Offered in partnership with San Diego Canyonlands and Think Blue San Diego. Learn more or register.
  • February 25, 9am to 11am – Watershed Warriors: Pine Valley Community Cleanup Attend the kick-off at the cleanup site at 9am and then collect trash from around the Pine Valley community to divert litter from the Tijuana watershed. Offered in partnership with the County of San Diego. Learn more or sign up.


Surfrider/Coastkeeper San Diego Beach and Neighborhood Cleanups – Join the San Diego chapters of the Surfrider Foundation and Coastkeeper in their ongoing beach and neighborhood cleanups. Meet at the designated locations below and look for the blue Surfrider or Coastkeeper tent.

  • February 4, 9am to 11amOcean Beach Cleanup (Surfrider) – Help with a beach and street cleanup at Ocean Beach Pier. Meet at Ocean Beach Veterans’ Plaza. Learn more or register.

  • February 4, 9am to 11am Oceanside Pier Beach Cleanup (Surfrider) – Help with a beach and street cleanup at Oceanside Beach. Meet at the north side of the pier on the beach. Learn more or register.

  • February 18, 9am to 11am Moonlight State Beach Cleanup (Surfrider) – Help with a beach and street cleanup at Moonlight Beach. Meet next to the restrooms. Learn more or register. 

  • February 18, 10am to 12pm – Imperial Beach (Surfrider) – Help with a beach and street cleanup in Imperial Beach. Meet on the sand behind The Spirit of Imperial Beach Statue in Imperial Beach. Learn more or register.

  • Ongoing – Solo Cleanups (Surfrider) – Participate in safe, physically distant ‘solo’ cleanups on your own – at the beach, in your neighborhood, at your local park, or anywhere in your watershed. Learn more about solo cleanup guidelines, how to tally your trash cleanup activity, and how you can make a difference in preventing trash from reaching the beach in the first place.

  • Six Cleanup Challenge, Flexible Dates/Times (Coastkeeper) Form a group and participate in the Six Cleanup Challenge to positively impact communities and outdoor spaces up and down the watershed. Pick up trash from two challenge sites in three categories: coastal, inland, and urban. Receive a certificate of completion and appreciation packet as a prize. Learn more and see list of challenge sites.


San Diego River Park Foundation – The following river cleanup, field assessment, and water quality monitoring events are being offered throughout the month of February. Sign up for events as individuals or as a group.

  • Tuesdays, 9am to 12pm – IMPACT Teams – On Tuesdays throughout the month, team IMPACT will remove non-native invasive species from the lower San Diego watershed adjacent to the Fashion Valley Mall. Learn more or sign up for cleanup events on February 7th, February 14th, and February 21st.

  • Tuesdays and Fridays, 9am to 12pm – River Assessment Field Teams (RAFT) On Tuesdays and Fridays throughout the month, the RAFT will walk different segments of the San Diego River to identify issues affecting the river, such as trash, debris, and illegal dumping. Learn more or sign up.

  • Wednesdays and Saturdays, 9am to 12pm – River Rescue Cleanups – On Wednesdays and Saturdays throughout the month, come out and assist the core volunteer group with river cleanups. Locations change weekly and will be emailed to you the Wednesday prior to the Saturday cleanup events, and on Friday prior to the Wednesday cleanup events. Learn more or sign up.

  • Thursdays, 8am to 10am – Team E.C.O. (Education Center Operations) Cleanups On Thursdays throughout the month, help the E.C.O. care for the site of the future River Center at Grant Park by trimming vegetation, removing graffiti, and picking up trash. Learn more or sign up for the cleanups on February 2nd, February 9th, February 16th, and February 23rd.

  • February 12 and 26, 9am to 11am – River Garden Club Cleanup – Help San Diego River Park Foundation staff or volunteers beautify the Point Loma Native Plant Garden and River Mouth at the river estuary. Cleanups take place every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. Activities include watering, planting, pruning, weeding, path maintenance, and more! Learn more or sign up for the cleanups on February 12th and February 26th.    

  • February 15, 8am to 12pm – Preserve Steward Day – Help Preserve Stewards care for the headwaters of the San Diego River by maintaining trails, removing invasive non-native plants, caring for native plants, installing irrigation, and more. Learn more or sign up.

  • February 17 (East County) and 19 (West County), 8am to 12pm – RiverWatch East and West Team Monthly Water Quality Monitoring Come join the RiverWatch East and West teams to learn how to monitor the water quality of the San Diego River. Learn more or sign up for the events on February 17th and February 19th.

  • February 18, 9am to 12pm Clean & Green River Cleanup – Support a healthy river while interacting with a group of like-minded people by helping the core volunteer team with River Cleanups! Learn more or sign up.


Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve – Friday Stewardship Sessions – February 3, 10, 17, and 24, 9am to 12pm – Join stewardship volunteers on Fridays in February in caring for the resources of the Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve by establishing, restoring, and maintaining the native plant gardens and habitat, removing graffiti and litter, and helping to clean up the beaches. Learn more or register for the February 3rd10th, 17th, and 24th events.


San Diego Canyonlands Cleanup and Restoration Volunteer Events Join San Diego Canyonlands and various communities in their local habitat restoration and cleanup efforts during the month of February. The work at each event varies but can include planting/caring for native plants, removing invasive plants, and removing trash and debris from restoration areas.


Buena Vista Audubon Weekly Nature Center Garden Work Party Events – February 6, 13, 20, and 27, 9am to 12pm – Join the garden crew on Mondays at the Nature Center to do a little maintenance work around the native plant garden and trails. Learn more for the February 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th events.


Preserve Calavera Restoration Events Join Preserve Calavera to help with their February restoration events to improve the conditions of local watersheds. Help remove invasive species and/or plant native plants and seeds.

  • February 11, 9am to 10:30amRancho La Costa Preserve, Carlsbad. Learn more.
  • February 18, 9am to 10:30am El Corazon, Oceanside. Learn more.
  • February 25, 9am to 10:30amRancho La Costa Preserve, Carlsbad. Learn more.


San Diego Audubon Habitat Restoration Events – The following work parties and restoration events will be offered during the month of February. The focus will be to help restore coastal dune habitat by removing invasive plants, replanting native plants, and conducting other land management activities.

  • February 11, 9am to 11amRose Creek Native Plant Garden Work Party – Join the Friends of Rose Creek to work on The Nature School’s native plant interpretive garden behind Rose Creek Cottage in Pacific Beach. Help weed, water, remove trash and invasive plants, and plant native species. This is an easy one-to-two-hour project and great for children of all ages. Learn more or RSVP.
  • February 11, 9:30am to 1:30pm – Native Planting Party at Sweetwater Bike Path – Help remove invasive weeds, plant native plants, and restore habitat for birds and other local wildlife. Learn more or RSVP.
  • February 25, 9am to 11am Wander the Wetlands and Restoration Work Party – Wander the Wetlands at Kendall-Frost Marsh Reserve and help build Ridgway's rail nesting platforms, tackle invasive species, plant natives, rabbit-proof the restoration area, and more. Offered in partnership with UC San Diego Natural Reserve System and San Diego Audubon Society. Learn more.


Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation Events – The following events are being offered during the month of February.

  • February 1, Registration OPENS, Discovery Summer Camp, Weeks June 12th through August 7th, 9am to 3pm – (weekly pricing member $250/non-member $330) – Registration for this popular event opens February 1st for kids aged kindergarten through 5th Every week of camp will be filled with nature walks, crafts made with recycled materials, animal interactions, and much more. Learn more.
  • February 11, 9am to 12pmFebruary Restoration Event, Bayshore Trail – Participate in the monthly restoration event at Discovery Center Trail to help with invasive species removal, native planting, and erosion control with fellow community members. Learn more or sign up.


Escondido Creek Conservancy Shrub Club – February 11, 9am to 12pm – Participate in this monthly event to help remove invasive species, fix trails, and make room for native plants and animals to flourish in the Escondido Creek watershed. Learn more.



Landscape & Gardening Events



WaterSmart Residential Landscape and Irrigation Events – The San Diego County Water Authority’s WaterSmart Program is providing the following free workshops during the month of February as well as past workshop recordings. These events are sponsored in part by Member Agencies and the County of San Diego.

  • WaterSmart 3-Hour Landscape Online Workshops Participate in a free online workshop taught by a local landscape design professional with a ‘do-it-yourself’ approach.
    • February 4, 9am to 12pm – Water & Irrigation: Utilizing a Precious Resource – Learn strategies to use our limited water sources wisely, including integrating stormwater capture elements into your landscape and conserving water through simple irrigation system retrofits. Learn more or register.
    • February 11, 9am to 12pm – Installation & Maintenance: Protecting Your Investment – Learn strategies for success in removing your turf and installing and maintaining your landscaping. Learn more or register.
    • February 15, 5:30pm to 8:30pm – Plan Ahead: Understanding Soil and Site Assessments – Learn about the steps needed to turn water-thirsty turf into a beautiful and sustainable landscape including how to rethink, redesign and renovate your landscape and the important role of healthy soil in a successful landscape. Learn more or register.
    • February 22, 5:30pm to 8:30pm – Design: Shape Your Space – Learn how to integrate your landscape into your personal lifestyle. Learn more or register.
    • Past Recordings View past workshops.
  • Designer At Your Door Water Conservation and Landscape Makeover Service – Transform your yard into a beautiful water-saving landscape. Attend five 3-hour WaterSmart Landscape Workshops (above) and qualify to receive one-on-one support from industry professionals. Funded in part by the County of San Diego Watershed Protection Program. Learn more about homeowner eligibility and apply.


The Water Conservation Garden – The following garden events will be offered in February.

  • February 4, 10am to 11:30am – That’s Swale at the Garden – Looking Swale! Series – Led by Diane Kennedy of Finch Frolic Garden Permaculture, learn how to slow, spread, and sink water through earthwork applications like swales and basins. Sponsored by the County of San Diego Watershed Protection Program. Learn more or register.
  • February 15, 9:30am to 10:30am Lil’ Sprouts Storytime with Ms. Smarty-Plants Winter 2023 – Join Ms. Smarty-Plants™ on the 3rd Wednesday of every month for a featured story followed by a nature craft. Storytime is free with Garden Admission. Registration will close on Monday, February 13th. Learn more or register.


Landscape and Water-Savings Webinars – A series of landscape and water-savings webinars are being offered throughout the month of February. Dates and times vary. Hosted by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. See calendar and learn more or register.  

  • Rainwater Harvesting – Learn how to design your yard using watershed-wise landscaping including criteria and considerations when selecting rain capture methods such as swales, berms, cisterns, and integrating hardscapes.
  • Irrigation & Water Use Efficiency – Learn how to design a yard using the principles of watershed wise landscaping. Topics include overview of an irrigation system, programming a controller, why drip over spray, and easy ways to conserve water.
  • California-Friendly Native Plant Webinar Learn how to design a yard using the four principles of gorgeous and watershed-wise landscaping including building healthy soil, capturing rainfall, selecting native plants that minimize water use, and controlling irrigation.
  • Drip Irrigation Fundamentals – Learn how to save your landscape by understanding soil moisture balance, key components of a properly installed drip system, typical problems with drip and how to avoid them, and developing a successful maintenance practice.
  • Turf: Remove, Replace, or Maintain Organically Learn how to design your yard using principles of watershed-wise landscaping including removing your lawn without chemicals, building healthy soil, and selecting climate-appropriate and water-wise plants.
  • Garden Design WorkshopLearn how to identify critical steps for successfully designing a watershed-wise landscape including developing a successful planting plan, developing a palette of climate-appropriate plants, and sizing and siting the rainwater capture area.
  • Goodbye Grass: Qualify for a Turf Replacement Rebate – Learn about replacing your lawn with a watershed-wise landscape, including removing turf without the use of chemicals, replacing it with climate-appropriate plantings, and how to apply for a turf replacement rebate.
  • Deciphering Your Irrigation Controller – Learn about your irrigation controller including understanding irrigation’s role in maintaining a soil moisture balance, outlining the purpose of a weather-based controller, reviewing basic terminology and programming principles, identifying special functions like cycle & soak, and troubleshooting typical problems.


University of California Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program – Pesticide Safety Instructor Training Zoom Workshops (fee $400) – February 15, 8am to 4:30pm (ENGLISH); February 17, 8am to 4:30pm (SPANISH) – Participants who complete this training will become qualified to provide pesticide safety training to fieldworkers and pesticide handlers as required by California state regulations. This training is approved by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR). Learn more or register.



Waste Reduction Events



I Love a Clean San Diego (ILACSD) Waste Reduction Events – The following waste reduction events are being offered in February.

  • February 8, 5pm to 6pm Conscious Closets Webinar – Learn about textile recycling, the environmental impacts of fast fashion, how to mindfully clean out your closet, thrift shopping tips, and low-waste laundry routines. Offered in partnership with the City of San Diego’s Environmental Services Department. Learn more or register.
  • February 16, 5pm to 6pm – Say No to Single Use Plastic Webinar – Learn about many zero waste product swaps to eliminate single-use plastic items from all areas of your daily routine. Topics include why it’s so important for our health and the health of the environment to reduce plastic usage, what happens to plastic after we use it and throw it away, and how to properly recycle or dispose of the plastic waste you do create. Offered in partnership with the County of San Diego. Learn more or register.
  • February 25, 10am to 11am – Organics Recycling Webinar – City of San Diego – Learn the importance of diverting organic waste from our landfills, how to properly dispose of food waste through the curbside organics recycling program, and how to reduce food waste in the kitchen through meal planning and food storage. Learn more or register.


Solana Center for Environmental Innovation Waste Reduction Events – The following residential and business online and in-person events are being offered in February.

  • February 2, 10am to 11am – SB 1383 Compliance – Commercial Food Waste Prevention Webinar – County of San Diego – Learn strategies to reduce food waste, save money & get ahead of state regulations impacting your business. Topics will include impacts of food waste on your business and the environment, food waste legislation (SB 1383), practical tips and strategies to prevent food waste and save money, and guidance on food donation, liability protection, tax incentives and how to get started. Funded by the County of San Diego Recycling. Learn more or register.
  • February 15 – Free E-Business Waste Pickup – A free e-waste pick-up service is being offered to businesses in San Diego County. Register by the second Friday (February 10) of the month for the following Wednesday pickup. Urban Corps will contact you to confirm pick-up. Offered in partnership with Urban Corps. Learn more or sign up.


The Living Coastal Discovery Center – The following events are being offered in February:

  • On-Site and Virtual Compost Workshops Learn the basics on how to start your own compost pile and turn food waste into nutrient-rich soil. Learn more or register. Pre-recorded video compost workshops also available. Sponsored by the City of Chula Vista.
    • Every Sunday in February, 2pm to 3pm On-site workshop free with admission.
    • February 5, 2pm to 3pm Virtual workshop. Chula Vista residents can purchase a Soil Saver compost bin for $35 after attending one of the City’s composting workshops or the Master Composter Course.




Stormwater Pollution Prevention & Education




San Diego Audubon – Love Your Wetlands Day X Community Climate Action Day – February 4, 9am to 4pm  – Join the San Diego Audubon in partnership with the UC Natural Reserve System and California Climate Action Corps for Love Your Wetlands Day at the Kendall Frost Marsh Reserve. Participate in hands-on activities to explore, learn about, and protect Mission Bay's wetlands. Activities are family friendly and include guided marsh and kayak cleanups, native seed planting and invasive plant removal, guided birding and fish seining, educational presentations, booths from environmental organizations, and more. Learn more and register.


Center for Watershed Protection – 2023 Webcast Series: Webcast 2 – The Value of Biochar for Improved Soil & Water Quality Health ($159 fee) – February 15, 10am to 11:30am Pacific Time Biochar is a bioretention amendment for pollutant treatment and enhanced water holding capacity. Learn how biochar can absorb and neutralize pollutants, significantly increase soil water-retention capacity, and improve soil quality to help in the elimination of harmful contaminants in stormwater treatment systems. Note webcast timeslots are listed as Eastern time. Learn more or register.  



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