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Commercial Recycling Resources

November 15 is America Recycles Day, and a good time to highlight the wealth of commercial recycling and waste reduction resources available to help businesses meet the requirements of the County’s Solid Waste Ordinance, updated in June 2021. Like residents, businesses play a key role in preventing pollutants such as trash and plastics, among other pollutants, generated at their sites from reaching our waterways. However, they are unique in that they have special recycling laws directed at organics/green waste recycling and food donation, as well as differing requirements between densely and sparsely populated areas. Here are some informative resources to help businesses navigate through these special recycling requirements.

Commercial Recycling Resources

      • Compliance Information – Recycling requirements for businesses for densely vs. sparsely populated areas.
      • Promotional Materials (in multiple languages) – Recycling training resources, guides, and various signage and stickers for dumpsters, office recycling bins, refrigerators, and more.
      • Commercial Edible Food Recovery Program – Information on San Diego County’s new solid waste ordinance (beginning January 1, 2022) requiring certain food generating businesses to donate surplus edible food, and ALL businesses to recycle food scraps. This site includes food donation resources and local food waste prevention groups. See the Recycling Guidance for Businesses and Food Donation Guide for Organizations brochures to learn more
      • Other Unique Business Resources – Businesses in the unincorporated County of San Diego that are considering holding large special events are eligible for recycling bins (as available), free of charge, delivered to their sites. Contact: Businesses located in Recycling Market Development Zones (RMDZs) are eligible to participate in the RMDZ program which offers low-interest loans, marketing, and permit assistance for businesses that use materials from the waste stream to manufacture their products. Learn more about program eligibility.
  • Specific Industry Recycling Resources
  • Automotive – Oil and recycling services for businesses, tire recycling resources, and community cleanup events. Check your vehicle’s oil change interval at Check Your
  • Multi-family Complexes – Recycling compliance information for multi-family complexes including specific resources for property managers and tenants.
  • Construction and Demolition – Information on San Diego County’s construction and demolition debris recycling ordinance, hauler requirements, and list of haulers.
  • Schools and Campuses – Free recycling and composting presentations, technical assistance, and supplies for schools in unincorporated areas of the County.

In appreciation for America Recycles Day, consider participating in a variety of business/agri-business, residential and community-based waste-reduction events or webinars held during the month of November hosted by Solana Center for Environmental Innovation and I Love A Clean San Diego.

For additional information on how to Recycle Right or locations to recycle, repair, donate, or properly dispose of an item, visit or contact 1-877-R-1-EARTH. Or visit the County of San Diego’s webpage for information on materials requiring special handling. CalRecyle also has a variety of helpful information and resources on California recycling programs and resources.

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