July 2021 - Virtual Stormwater Pollution Prevention Events

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Virtual Stormwater Pollution Prevention Events

July 2021

We all play a part in preventing stormwater pollution. Here are some ways to get involved in July and help protect our local waterways! All events are free unless otherwise indicated.

Cleanup Events

River Cleanup


I Love A Clean San Diego VIRTUAL Community Cleanups

Several VIRTUAL community cleanups are being offered during the month of July. Participants will collect trash around their communities to divert litter from their respective watersheds. Participate in these cleanups to protect the environment as well as each other, and ‘walk-your-block’ and neighborhoods with your family and neighbors.

  • July 3, 9am to 11am – Watershed Warriors Rancho San Diego Litter Cleanup – Join the Zoom kick-off call at 9am and then collect trash from around the Rancho San Diego community to divert litter from the San Diego Bay watershed. Learn more or register.

  • July 5, 9am to 11am – Morning After Mess Beach Cleanup – Mission Beach Park – I Love A Clean San Diego, in partnership with the San Diego Surfrider Foundation, are offering a virtually-hosted  post-July 4th party litter cleanup that will take place around Mission Beach Park to divert trash from the Pacific Ocean. Learn more or register.

  • July 10, 9am to 11am – Watershed Warriors Lakeside Community Litter Cleanup – Join the Zoom kick-off call at 9am and then collect trash from around the Lakeside community to divert litter from the San Diego River watershed. Learn more or register.

  • July 29, 3pm to 5pm – Sunset Sweep: Manzanita Canyon Neighborhood Litter Cleanup I Love A Clean San Diego, in partnership with San Diego Canyonlands and Think Blue, are offering a virtually-hosted canyon cleanup. Participants will do a ‘sunset sweep’ of their neighborhood and collect trash around the Manzanita Canyon community to keep it from traveling through the canyon into the Pacific Ocean. Watch a video at 3pm and then get out there to beautify your canyon neighborhood! Learn more or register.

  • July 31, 9am to 11am – Watershed Warriors Ramona Litter Cleanup –Join the Zoom kick-off call at 9am and then collect trash from around the Ramona community to divert litter from the San Dieguito Bay watershed. Learn more or register.


San Diego River Foundation Saturday River Rescue Cleanups July 17, 24, 31, 9am to 12pm – Come out and assist with River cleanups and support a healthy river while interacting with a group of like-minded people! Locations change weekly. Learn more or register for the July 17th, July 24th, and July 31st events.


Six Cleanup Challenge – San Diego Coastkeeper – Form a group and participate in the Six Cleanup Challenge to positively impact communities and outdoor spaces up and down the watershed. Pick up trash from two challenge sites in three categories – coastal, inland, and urban – and receive a certificate of completion and appreciation packet as a prize. Learn more and see list of challenge sites.


Ongoing – Solo Cleanups – Surfrider San Diego – Participate in safe, physically distant ‘solo’ cleanups on your own – at the beach, in your neighborhood, at your local park – or anywhere in your watershed. Learn more about solo cleanup guidelines, how to tally your trash cleanup activity, and how you can make a difference in preventing trash from reaching the beach in the first place.




Landscape & Gardening Events



WaterSmart Residential Landscape and Irrigation Online Programs

The San Diego County Water Authority’s WaterSmart Program is providing free residential webinars on landscape design and irrigation management during the month of July and throughout 2021. These classes are sponsored in part by Member Agencies and the County of San Diego.

  • July 30, registration closes for 2021 WaterSmart 4-Class Landscape Makeover Series classes held August 18, 25, September 1, 8 – The WaterSmart Landscape Makeover Series is a free educational program that will empower you to upgrade your high-water-use turf area into a WaterSmart landscape. Learn more about the class descriptions and apply today.  

  • July 31, 9am to 12pm – Plan Ahead: Understanding Soil and Site Assessments – This free three-hour workshop will introduce you to the steps needed to turn water-thirsty turf into a beautiful and sustainable landscape. You will learn how to rethink, redesign, and renovate your landscape and the important role of healthy soil in a successful landscape. Learn more or register.


The Water Conservation Garden Workshops and Programs – The following workshops and programs are being offered the month of July.

  • July 17, 10am to 11:30am – Create a Garden Sanctuary (fee $17$22)Author and Landscape Designer, John Beaudry, will lead a workshop on planning and visualizing a landscape enhancement using an area of the garden. Learn more or register.
  • July 27 and 29, 9am to 11:30am – Ms. Smarty-Plants Family Enrichment Program (fee $15/session) Join Ms. Smarty-Plants this summer and learn about butterflies, bugs, and California’s state reptile, the desert tortoise! Includes a Ms. Smarty-Plants presentation followed by a self-guided tour through the garden with an activity packed “Earth Heroes Passport” for each child. Also offered on August 3rd and 4th. Learn more or register.


University of California (UC) Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program – The UC IPM program is offering a variety of pest management and pesticide safety program webinars during the month of July.

  • Pesticide Safety Program: July 6, 3pm to 4pm (fee $40) Learn about active ingredients in rodenticides and modes of action. Featuring guest speaker Niamh Quinn (UCCE). Learn more about the webinar series or register.

    Pest Management Program: July 15, 1pm to 2pm – Plant Diseases – Offered through the Urban & Community Statewide IPM program. This webinar will cover plant diseases commonly found in urban and residential areas and how to manage them presented by Belinda Messenger-Sikes, UC Statewide IPM Program. Learn more or register.


Landscape and Water-Savings Webinars – A series of landscape and water-savings webinars are being offered throughout the month of July. Dates and times vary. Hosted in part by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. See calendar and learn more or register.

  • Drip Irrigation Maintenance & Trouble Shooting – Learn how to save your landscape by understanding soil moisture balance, key components of a properly installed drip system, typical problems with drip and how to avoid them, and developing a successful maintenance practice. Hosted by Santa Margarita Water District.

  • Turf: Remove, Replace, or Maintain Organically Learn how to design your yard using principles of watershed-wise landscaping including removing your lawn without chemicals, building healthy soil, and selecting climate-appropriate and water-wise plants.

  • Garden Design Workshop – Learn how to identify critical steps for successfully designing a watershed-wise landscape including developing a successful planting plan, developing a palette of climate-appropriate plants, and sizing/siting rainwater capture area.

  • California-Friendly Native Plant Webinar – Learn how to design a yard using the four principles of gorgeous and watershed-wise landscaping including building healthy soil, capturing rainfall, selecting native plants that minimize water use, and controlling irrigation.


San Diego Sustainable Living Institute Half-Day Water Harvesting Workshop – July 31, 12:45pm to 4:30pm (fee $45) – Learn how to install a simple and affordable rainwater harvesting tank in a fun hands-on workshop!  Learn more or register.



Waste Reduction Events

Waste Reduction_Green Earth


I Love A Clean San Diego (ILACSD) – Celebrate Sustainably: Summer Fun Webinar – July 28, 4pm to 5pm – As we celebrate outdoors this summer, learn how to keep waste out of our environment and develop sustainable habits for the summer. In partnership with the City of Poway. Learn more or register.


Solana Center for Environmental Innovation Waste Reduction Webinars/Training – Residential and business waste reduction events are being offered during July.

  • July 13, 6pm to 7pm – Backyard Composting Webinar – City of San Diego – a 1-hour educational webinar will be provided to learn how to improve the quality of your soil, and reduce waste and air pollution, while saving energy, money, and water. Sponsored by SD Environmental Services. Learn more or register.

  • July 20, 2pm to 3pm – Ask a Composting Specialist – Get answers to all of your traditional backyard composting questions during this virtual 1-hour Q&A session with Solana Center's knowledgeable educators! Offered in partnership with the Water Conservation Garden and sponsored by the County of San Diego Recycling. Learn more or register.

  • July 24, 10am to 11am – Bokashi Basics Webinar – Learn the basics of Bokashi, a ‘pre-composting’ technique that allows you to compost ALL your food waste, allowing fresh materials to be preserved and composted at your leisure. Learn more or register.

  • July (scheduled pickup to be determined) – Free E-Business Waste Pickup – Coastal North County Cities – A FREE e-waste pick-up service is being offered to businesses in coastal North County cities. Register by the second Friday of the month. Urban Corps will contact you to confirm pick-up. Offered in partnership with Urban Corps. Learn more or register.


On-Site and Virtual Compost Workshops – The Living Coastal Discovery Center and City of Chula Vista are offering the following compost workshops where participants will learn the basics on how to start their own compost pile and turn food waste into nutrient-rich soil. Learn more or register.

  • Every Sunday in July, 2pm to 3pm – On-Site Workshop free with admission

  • July 4, 2pm to 3pm – Virtual Workshop


Pollution Prevention Events

Plastic Bottle_Beach


The Story of Plastic Online Event – July 3, 10am to 1pm – The United Nations Association San Diego Chapter and I Love A Clean San Diego are hosting a virtual screening and moderated discussion of The Story of Plastic, a documentary about the real causes of the plastic pollution crisis and the heroes who are rising up to stop big plastic. Learn more or register.





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