April 2021 - Virtual Stormwater Pollution Prevention Events

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Virtual Stormwater Pollution Prevention Events

April 2021

We all play a part in preventing stormwater pollution. Here are some ways to get involved in April and help protect our local waterways! All events are free unless otherwise indicated.


Cleanup Events

Beach Clean Up with Masks On


I Love A Clean San Diego Virtual Community Cleanups

Several VIRTUAL community cleanups are being offered during the month of April. Participants will collect trash around their communities to divert litter from their respective watersheds. Participate in these cleanups to protect the environment as well as each other, and ‘walk-your-block’ and neighborhoods with your family and neighbors.

  • April 1, 3pm to 5pm – Sunset Sweep: Manzanita Canyon Neighborhood VIRTUAL Litter Cleanup I Love A Clean San Diego in partnership with San Diego Canyonlands and Think Blue are offering a virtual canyon cleanup. Participants will do a ‘sunset sweep’ of their neighborhood and collect trash around the Manzanita Canyon community to keep it from traveling through the canyon into the Pacific Ocean. Watch a video at 3pm and then get out there to beautify your canyon neighborhood! Learn more or register.
  • April 10, 9am to 1pm   Bucket Drive: Cleanup Kit Pickup Event – Kearny Mesa – In preparation for the 19th Annual Creek to Bay Cleanup on April 24th (see below), I Love A Clean San Diego is hosting a ‘bucket drive’ containing zero waste/upcycled cleanup materials to be used in place of disposable materials. A single donation of $30 gifts one cleanup kit. For multiple kits, donate in increments of $30. Cleanup kits are unavailable after April 10th. Learn more and donate.
  • April 10, 9am to 11am Watershed Warriors Bonsall Community VIRTUAL Litter Cleanup – Join the Zoom kick-off call at 9am and then collect trash from around the Bonsall community to divert litter from the San Luis Rey watershed. Learn more or register.
  • April 17, 9am to 11am Watershed Warriors Rancho Santa Fe Community VIRTUAL Litter Cleanup – Join the Zoom kick-off call at 9am and then collect trash from around the Rancho Santa Fe community to divert litter from the Carlsbad watershed. Learn more or register.
  • April 24, 9am to 5pm – 19th Annual Creek to Bay Cleanup – Join forces with I Love A Clean San Diego and participate in the largest single day environmental action event in San Diego County by removing litter and debris from your community and protect our County’s watersheds. Volunteers of all ages are invited to grab buckets and work gloves and ‘walk your block’ or neighborhood throughout the day. Online registration opens April 1st. Learn more or register.

Ongoing – Solo Cleanups

Organized by Surfrider San Diego, participate in safe, physically distant ‘solo’ cleanups on your own – at the beach, in your neighborhood, at your local park – or anywhere in your watershed. Learn more about solo cleanup guidelines, how to tally your trash cleanup activity, and how you can make a difference in preventing trash from reaching the beach in the first place.


Landscape & Garden Events

California Poppies


WaterSmart Residential and Professional Landscape and Irrigation Online Programs

The San Diego County Water Authority’s WaterSmart program is providing free residential and professional landscaper educational programs on landscape design and irrigation management during the month of April and throughout 2021. These classes are sponsored in part by the County of San Diego.

  • April 10 - May 1 WaterSmart 4-Class Online Landscape Makeover Spring Series – The WaterSmart Landscape Makeover Series is a free educational program that will empower you to upgrade your high-water-use turf area into a WaterSmart landscape. The four-class online series will cover topics on creating a beautiful and climate appropriate replacement to traditional turf, shaping your new landscape space to support the way you intend to use it, retrofitting to and maintaining an efficient water-saving irrigation system, and meeting with Design Coaches. Learn more and apply today to add yourself to the waiting list and be among the first to be notified when these new classes are open for enrollment.
  • April 28, 5:30pm to 8:30pm – Plan Ahead: Understanding Soil and Site Assessments – This free three-hour workshop will introduce you to the steps needed to turn water-thirsty turf into a beautiful and sustainable landscape. You will learn how to rethink, redesign, and renovate your landscape and the important role of healthy soil in a successful landscape. Learn more or register.


April 15, 11am to 12:30pm – Garden Sanctuary: The Elements and Principles of Landscape Design ($8 fee for non-members)

Author and Landscape Designer, John Beaudry, will discuss the five elements and eight principles of landscape design as described in his book Garden Sanctuary. Sponsored by The Water Conservation Garden. Learn more or register.


University of California Cooperative Extension - San Diego County - Integrated Pest Management (IPM)– Healthy Garden, Healthy Home Program Online Workshops

The UCCE San Diego County IPM Healthy Garden, Healthy Home Program is providing free online community workshops to improve our water resources through healthy gardening and proper pest control.

  • April 3, 10am to 11:30am – Save Money & Water Workshop – Learn about irrigation and runoff management including how to save money and have a healthy garden/landscape. Learn more or register.
  • April 24, 10am to 11:30am – How to Grow a Salsa Garden! – Learn the proper planting for a healthier backyard salsa garden and tips for controlling common pests and diseases. Learn more or register.



April Workshop/Webinar Series (April 15, 20, 22, 27, and 29), 3pm to 4:30pm – Mastering Model Water Efficient Landscapes (MWEL) – The California Landscaper Contractors Association is providing a series of workshop webinars for landscape designers, architects, and contractors in Southern California. Learn how to master the basic elements of water-efficient landscaping for new California landscapes as more outdoor California building ordinances are being imposed on the landscape industry. Sponsored by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Learn more or register.


Programa de Manejo Integrado de Plagas (IPM) de la Universidad de California (UC)

 En Abril, la UC IPM está ofreciendo dos webinarios en Español sobre seguridad de pesticidas y capacitaciones para instructores de pesticidas. Obtenga más información sobre el seminario web.

  • Abril 9, 8am to 5 pm – Capacitaciones de Seguridad de Pesticidas (tarifa de $650 ) Los participantes en este programa serán calificados para entrenar a los trabajadores de campo y a los aplicadores de pesticidas, como es requerido por las regulaciones del estado de California, he incluso el Estándar de Protección del Trabajador revisado por EPA. Registrar aquí.
  • Abril 13, 3pm to 4pm – Envases de Pesticidas (tarifa de $40) Uso y desencho adecuados de los envases de pesticidas. Se ofrece una hora de educación continua (CE). Registrar aquí.


Landscape and Water-Savings Webinars

A series of landscape and water-savings webinars are being offered throughout the month of April. Dates and times vary. Hosted in part by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. See calendar and learn more or register.

  • Weed and Pest Management – Learn how to use integrated pest management to prevent pest problems and manage pest and weeds without chemicals.
  • Turf: Remove, Replace or Maintain Organically – Learn how to design your yard using principles of watershed-wise landscaping including removing your lawn without chemicals, building healthy soil, and selecting climate-appropriate and water-wise plants.
  • Watershed Wise Landscaping (English and Spanish) – Learn the basics of watershed landscaping including building a healthy living soil sponge, capturing rainwater, selecting natives plants, and controlling your irrigation.
  • California-Friendly Gardens Webinars (English and Spanish) – Learn how to identify critical steps for successfully designing a watershed wise landscape including building healthy living soil, capturing rainwater, selecting local climate appropriate/native plants, and using highly efficient irrigation. Dates are still being finalized for the Spanish webinar, but you can register to be notified as webinar dates are confirmed.


WaterSmart Landscape Contest Entries Due May 14, 2021 – Formerly known as the California-Friendly Landscape Contest, customers of participating water agencies are invited to enter this annual WaterSmart Landscape competition to create water-efficient landscapes and be recognized and rewarded for their work in water conservation and neighborhood beautification. See participating agencies, sign up, and learn more.


Waste Reduction Events

Garden Compost Bin

Garden Compost Bin


The Solana Center for Environmental Innovation Traditional Composting Webinars

The County of San Diego in partnership with the Solana Center is offering a series of webinars related to traditional composting throughout April. Additionally, this month, Solana Center is offering special family-based interactive webinars to engage the whole family in celebration of Earth Day/Month!

  • April 6, 6pm to 7pm Construct Your Own Traditional Compost Bin – Learn how to construct your own backyard compost bin, perfect for simple maintenance and composting success. Learn more or register.
  • April 13, 6pm to 7pm – Starting Your Traditional Compost Pile – Learn how to begin composting food scraps and yard waste at home and build an effective compost pile. Learn more or register.
  • April 20, 6pm to 7pm – Bokashi & Composting – Learn the basics of Bokashi, a ‘pre-composting’ technique that allows you to compost ALL your food waste, allowing fresh materials to be preserved and composted at your leisure. Learn more or register.
  • April 27, 6pm to 7pm Troubleshooting, Harvesting, and Using Traditional Compost – Learn how to care for your compost pile from start to finish and reap the rewards of a beautiful, finished soil amendment. Learn more or register.


Virtual Family Master Composter Course ($25/family fee)

  • April 17, 24 and May 1, 10am to 11am – This 3-week course for kids and adults will prepare your "green team" to successfully compost at home. Learn about the science of composting, what can be composted & tools needed, starting and maintaining a traditional compost pile, and using compost in the garden. Learn more or register.

Family Vermicomposting Webinar Series –"Support Global Worming" – In this 3-part free webinar series, your family will learn how to build a home for composting worms, establish the perfect conditions for a successful worm bin, and harvest and use your "black gold" to benefit your garden.


April 10, 10am to 11am – Conscious Closets Webinar – City of San Diego – Join I Love A Clean San Diego to learn how to create an environmentally conscious closet including tips on successful thrift shopping, repairing clothing items, and creating a low waste laundry routine. Learn more or sign up.


April 21, 10am to 2pm – scheduled pickups between 10am and 2pm – Free E-Business Waste Pickup – Coastal North County Cities – The Solana Center for Environmental Innovation in partnership with Urban Corps, is offering a FREE e-waste pick-up service to businesses in coastal North County cities. Sign up by Friday, April 16th for the Wednesday, April 21st pick up. Learn more or register.


Stormwater Pollution Prevention Events

Clean Blue Water


April 13 to 16, 8:30am to 2:15pm – 2021 Annual National Virtual Stormwater & Watershed Conference – Center for Watershed Protection ($$ fees vary) – This conference will provide watershed and stormwater professionals throughout the nation information on how to increase the resiliency of our communities in response to emerging and persistent threats to our water resource. Conference format will include networking opportunities as well as technical presentations, case studies, panel discussions, and workshops. Learn more or register.




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