Kicking Off the New Year Stormwater-Smart

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Kicking Off the New Year Stormwater-Smart

Happy New Year! Welcoming in a new year also means welcoming in New Year’s resolutions to protect our environment and preserve the quality of our waterways. And with the rainy season in full swing, there’s no better time to act. If common pollutants such as trash and green waste leave our property they can enter our storm drain system, which flows untreated into our local creeks, rivers, and the ocean. Let’s all do our part this new year, and every year, to keep our waterways clean!

Runoff Prevention Tips – A great way to prevent pollution is by minimizing or preventing water runoff in the first place.

  • Capture rainwater -- Harvesting rainwater has many benefits. Not only will it help to reduce water waste and stormwater runoff, but it can also beautify and nourish your landscape. Get your discounted rain barrel today to help protect the quality of our waterways. For other benefits and tips on leveraging rainfall, visit our October Rainy Season Bulletin.
  • Manage irrigation runoffPrevent runoff from leaving your property and entering our storm drains by repairing any leaking or broken sprinklers and adjusting sprinkler heads so they don’t spray onto streets and sidewalks. Water in short cycles to allow water to absorb into the soil and in the early morning or late evening when it is cooler outside. To learn more about managing your watering practices, watch this instructional video on "Understanding Your Irrigation Controller.”

Proper Trash/Yard Debris Disposal – Trash and yard debris left to accumulate on your property can eventually wash into our storm drains if not disposed of properly. Be mindful of small actions you can take to play a key role in reducing runoff pollution.

  • Secure your trash – When disposing of trash, replace any trash cans that are leaking or deteriorating. Place trash containers out only on collection days and keep the lids closed so trash does not blow out of the trash containers.
  • Sweep up or compost yard debris – Sweep or rake up leaves, grass clippings, and tree trimmings, or blow yard debris into a pile on a tarp or drop cloth and place it in the appropriate green waste container with a lid. Alternatively, drop-off yard trimmings to facilities that will compost them into a beneficial compost or mulch. For a list of these facilities click here.  

To learn more about what you can do to prevent runoff pollution this new year and every year, visit the Watershed Protection Program page.

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