Protecting the Coast Starts at Your Front Door

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Protecting the Coast Starts at Your Front Door

Our coast is a great natural resource and makes our region a wonderful place to live and work. Let’s maintain the beauty of both our coastal and inland waterways and be a part of the 36th Annual Coastal Cleanup Day on September 26th – but with a twist! For this year’s global effort, you can help protect our coast right from your front door -- by removing litter and debris close to home in your community throughout the day.

Why is this day (and every day) so important when it comes to protecting our waterways?

Surprisingly, 80% of debris found during beach cleanups comes from land-based sources such as trash, packaging, and improperly disposed waste. At beach cleanups, top items found include cigarette butts, styrofoam fragments, and common plastics such as food wrappers, bags, bottle caps, and straws. These pollutants can enter our waterways in three main ways: rain carrying trash to our storm drains, wind blowing trash into waterways, or dumping trash directly into the water. Check out the 2019 San Diego County Beach Cleanup Report to learn more about trash in our local waterways.

Prevention is the best medicine!

Trash pollution is preventable through simple actions you can take:

  • Reduce and reuse products whenever possible and Recycle Right.
  • Throw cigarette butts in designated ash trays or receptacles.
  • Secure lids on trash/recycling bins to prevent debris from blowing, replace leaking and deteriorating cans, and place containers out only on collection day.
  • Protect your storm drains to prevent trash and other pollutants from entering them. Watch this video to learn more.
  • Participate in local cleanup events.  I Love a Clean San Diego and Surfrider Foundation hold regular cleanup events. Check their event calendars regularly to find one near you.

Participate in Coastal Cleanup Day 2020!

Whether you live in a coastal or inland community, all pollution prevention efforts make a huge impact on the health of our waterways and ocean. Help protect our water resources by participating in 2020 Coastal Cleanup Day on September 26th. Registration is now open at

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