Industrial Stormwater Sampling Training Video Now Available

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Industrial Stormwater Sampling Training Video Now Available 


Just in Time for the Rainy Season

With the rainy season starting October 1st, The County of San Diego Department of Public Works Watershed Protection Program reminds all industrial facilities of their California State Water Board Industrial General Permit (IGP) regulations. These regulations include testing, sampling, monitoring, and reporting of stormwater discharge. While important year-round, sampling becomes especially critical during the rainy season when storm activity increases the potential for polluted runoff to enter our stormwater conveyance system and ultimately our waterways. To help you meet the sampling requirement, a California State Water Board training video on stormwater sampling is now available.

Industrial and Commercial wastes are among the many common stormwater pollutants that can degrade water quality. Stormwater runoff has been found to contain high concentrations of metals, organics, and oil and grease. When these pollutants wash into our waterways they can kill aquatic life. Metals such as chromium, cadmium, lead, and zinc can contaminate drinking water supplies as well as bioaccumulate in aquatic life. Engine degreasers, cleaners, and other solvents can also degrade water quality.

For more information on the Industrial Stormwater Program and the IGP regulations visit the California State Water Resources Control Board website.


Review Best Management Practices (BMPs) in preparation for the rainy season. Common rainy season BMPs include, but are not limited to:

  • Cleaning out storm drains and ditches
  • Maintaining equipment and vehicles to prevent leaks
  • Sweeping parking lots and outdoor work areas
  • Covering and berming equipment and materials stored outdoors,
  • Updating your facility’s Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).

Department of Public Works representatives may be visiting your facility to review BMPs and ensure compliance with applicable County ordinances and State stormwater regulations. Instances of non-compliance could result in the need to take stronger action, including administrative warnings and/or citations; however, our goal is to work with you to ensure that your facility is in compliance with County ordinances and State water quality regulations without the need for any stronger actions. We will gladly meet with you at your facility if you have any questions about any of these stormwater requirements.

Please visit for stormwater pollution prevention information and resources that can help keep your facility in compliance.



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