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April 2018 Newsletter | In Focus: Environmental Stewardship

I Love a Clean San Diego Clean-up Volunteer

By Pauline Martinson, Executive Director, I Love a Clean San Diego

San Diego County is home to an amazing array of diverse landscapes, where residents can enjoy 70 miles of beaches, sky-high mountains, vast grasslands and vivid deserts. It is the most biologically rich county in the continental United States. With a growing population and increasing land development, it is now more important than ever for everyone to do their part to reduce waste and live more sustainably to help improve our air and water quality.

I Love A Clean San Diego leads and inspires San Diego communities to conserve and enhance the environment through example, outreach, and local involvement. Join us on Saturday, April 21st for the county-wide Creek to Bay Cleanup, as thousands of community residents, businesses, organizations and cities come together to beautify our region. Last year’s event had over 6,500 volunteers come out to 112 sites to pick up 194,169 pounds of litter and debris, exemplifying the monumental work that can be accomplished when we come together as a community.

This month’s Live Well San Diego Newsletter highlights partners who are also working to create a sustainable future for San Diego County.  

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