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November 2017 Newsletter | In Focus: Healthy Eating

SD Hunger Coalition

By Anahid Brakke, Executive Director of San Diego Hunger Coalition

An estimated half a million, or about 1 in 6, people in San Diego County do not always have enough food for a healthy, thriving life. Access to healthy foods plays a critical role in preventing and managing chronic disease, ensuring students do well in school and improving quality of life. Low-income communities and communities of color face numerous obstacles to healthy eating: they are more likely to have fast food outlets nearby instead of full-service grocery stores; are less likely to have access to a vehicle for regular shopping and healthcare; and are more likely to have fewer opportunities for stress management and physical activity.  

The San Diego Hunger Coalition is reducing hunger and improving access to healthy foods by finding ways to strengthen communities so food is affordable, accessible and convenient.  The San Diego Hunger Coalition works with schools, churches, food banks, health care providers, government agencies and other organizations across the county to fill gaps in the region’s food system so that all San Diegans can thrive.

Join us in reading this month’s Live Well San Diego Newsletter, which highlights partners working to promote healthy eating and increase access to healthy foods.  

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