Live Well San Diego News: Tobacco and Drug Abuse Prevention

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October 2017 Newsletter | In Focus: Tobacco and Drug Abuse Prevention

CASA Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods

By Dana J. Stevens, Executive Director of CASA (Community, Action, Service & Advocacy) for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods

Prevention is key when it comes to substance abuse, especially among youth whose brains are not yet fully developed. Early substance use increases the chance of addiction and can also lead to disruptions in brain function in areas critical to motivation, memory, learning, judgement and behavioral control. These harmful physiological effects can lead to family and social problems, poor academic performance, physical and mental health issues, and involvement with the juvenile justice system.

Opiates have become a major public health issue across the nation and in San Diego County. Opiates can quickly lead to dependence, addiction and death, even among those with no history of substance abuse. Partners across San Diego County are working together to prevent youth access to tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs; to provide alternative solutions for coping; and to increase access to treatment for opiates.

CASA collaborates with regional coalitions to build healthy communities in East San Diego County with youth through leadership development, policy change and education. Working across the region, both in cities and unincorporated communities, CASA brings educators, law enforcement, community-based organizations and residents together to change norms, attitudes and behaviors to prevent substance abuse.

Join us in reading this month’s Live Well San Diego Newsletter, which highlights partners working to prevent tobacco and other substance abuse. 

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