A Message From the Chairman - March 25, 2021

Chairman Hagman Newsletter

A Message From The Chairman

First and foremost, thank you for your continued support, advocacy and feedback on items of importance to you and your family – I appreciate the opportunity you’ve given me to serve as your Fourth District Supervisor. The Fourth District is both a dynamic economic powerhouse and a great place for our children, families, organizations and businesses to thrive. Faithfully serving our community continues to be my top priority and I’m excited to share that my team has been working on to make it even easier for you to connect with us.

On Friday, April 9th, our office will be transitioning to a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This means that if you wish to continue to hear from me and receive up-to-date information about the County of San Bernardino and the Fourth District, please make sure to complete our survey here.  By completing the survey above, your information will be then transferred to the new CRM system. If it is not completed, you will no longer receive valuable updates and other relevant communications.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any concerns, feedback, or questions. Thank you for making the County of San Bernardino a great place to live, work and play.


Vaccines Open to Everyone 50+ Beginning April 1, Everyone 16+ on April 15

San Bernardino County’s effort to vaccinate all of its residents will shift into high gear on April 1 when everyone age 50 and over will be eligible for vaccination, and accelerate even more on April 15 when everyone 16 and over will be eligible, regardless of health condition or occupation.

And effective immediately, those who accompany an eligible family member to an appointment are eligible, too, even if they don’t fall into an eligible category – but they must have an appointment at the same location and at approximately the same time as their eligible family member. Those accompanying someone 65 or over, a person with a serious underlying health condition or disability, a food worker, or anyone else who is eligible should sign up for an appointment as a member of that eligible cohort, and accompany that eligible person to the appointment.

“The light at the end of this pandemic tunnel is now much brighter,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman. “Vaccinations are our shot for hope, and San Bernardino County has the staff and the facilities to vaccinate everyone who wants protection from COVID-19. If the federal and state governments supply the vaccines, which they have promised to do, we will get the job done quickly, efficiently, and equitably.”

The decision to expand vaccine eligibility is a result of increasing vaccine supplies. California currently receives 1.8 million vaccines per week, which is expected to increase to more than 3 million per week by the end of April.

San Bernardino County has been making great progress in vaccinating its residents since Dec. 16, when we became one of the first counties in the California to receive and administer vaccines. Almost 23 percent of the county’s adults have been vaccinated (at least one dose) and almost 13 percent have been fully vaccinated, and that is with eligibility limited to people in select occupations, with certain severe health conditions, and people age 65 and over.

People can check eligibility and make an appointment by visiting the county’s vaccination website. Those who need further assistance can call the county’s COVID-19 hotline at 909-387-3911 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Local ABC7 News Reporter Leticia Juarez Featured in New

Vaccine Commercial

ABC7 Eyewitness News reporter Leticia Juarez, a graduate of Cajon High School and San Bernardino County native, lent her talents to record a public service announcement (PSA)that encourages residents to take their “shot for hope.”

The PSA begins running next week on Spectrum, Frontier and Verizon Fios cable systems throughout San Bernardino County, as well as through streaming platforms for these and many other online viewing platforms. Juarez, who has reported from the Inland Empire for KABC-TV for 10 years, encourages residents to get vaccinated.

“As a reporter, I’ve witnessed many everyday heroes, right here in San Bernardino County. Now is the time for all of us to be a hero,” Juarez says in the 30 and 15 second commercials. “COVID-19 vaccines are here -- they work and they’re safe. When you can, please get vaccinated. This is our Shot for Hope!”

Juarez went to UCLA after graduating from Cajon High, and worked as a general assignment reporter for television stations in Bakersfield and Houston before joining ABC7. She is a familiar face covering stories throughout the Inland Empire.

“We have looked to trusted messengers like Leticia to help us encourage everyone in our community to get vaccinated,” said Chairman Hagman. “She is a respected name and voice in television broadcast news, and we so appreciate both her and ABC7 for supporting our educational campaign about the safety and efficacy of these vaccines.”

The “Shot for Hope” PSA by Juarez, as well as another from NFL star Alex Mattison, also a San Bernardino native, will run through April on local cable networks.

County, Mexican Consulate Team Up for Presentation on Vaccines

As part of its ongoing effort to administer vaccines to traditionally underserved communities, San Bernardino County, in collaboration with the Consulate of Mexico, is hosting a Facebook Live presentation devoted to the County’s vaccination efforts.

The online event, which will be held on Tuesday, March 30 at 9 a.m., is designed to provide the latest information on the vaccines and vaccination eligibility, while dispelling common myths and misconceptions.  It can be viewed on both the Department of Behavioral Health’s Facebook page and Ventanilla de Salud San Bernardino.

The presentation will be led by Dr. Javier Melendez Sanchez of Kaiser Permanente and conducted in Spanish.

“Our Latino community has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and we feel an urgent need to ensure its members are given an opportunity to receive a vaccine as soon as possible,” said Chairman Hagman. “Our County has enjoyed an excellent, long-standing relationship with the consulate, so it makes sense for us to work together on this initiative.”

The event will focus on how the pandemic has affected the local Latino population and discuss the status and availability of all three FDA-approved vaccines. It will also discuss common misunderstandings regarding the vaccines and seek to alleviate any concerns among Spanish-speaking residents.

The County and the consulate are promoting the event through the distribution of Spanish-language flyers and notices on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Supervisor Hagman Seeks Volunteers for DA Community Commission


“All commissions and boards are important, and I value the input of our residents in making them work towards improving the quality of life in our County. The Community Commission is especially important because they will discuss the District Attorney's caseload, their role in the administration of criminal cases in San Bernardino County, and their role in helping in educating the community members regarding all the laws that impact us" noted Hagman. “I’m personally very grateful to all those who take the time to apply and to serve, and I will review every application carefully.”

If you would like to apply, please submit the following to my Field Representative, Suzette Dang at Suzette.Dang@bos.sbcounty.gov :

* Resume – must include name, address, and email

* Letter of Interest – answering why you would like to serve/are qualified to serve

* 3 References – contact information only

** The applicants must be residents of the Fourth District which includes the cities of Chino, Chino Hills, Montclair, Ontario, and Upland south of Foothill Boulevard as well as the immediately surrounding unincorporated areas.

Please apply prior to March 26, 2021, so that the openings can be filled and the commissioners can carry on with providing services to the residents of the County.

Chairman Hagman Seeks Redistricting Commission Candidates


The Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Curt Hagman is inviting county residents who meet minimum qualifications to serve on a first-of-its kind county redistricting commission. 

Every ten years following each U.S. Census the county must redraw the boundaries of each of the five districts that elect members of the Board of Supervisors to ensure they have nearly the same number of residents and meet the minimum qualifications. Historically this task has been undertaken solely by the Board of Supervisors. A new County Charter approved by voters in November 2020 requires the board to appoint a redistricting commission to participate in the process.

The board this week approved an ordinance to establish the commission, which will recommend two possible redistricting plans in time for the board to enact a final plan in time to meet a Dec. 15 state deadline, which means the board must consider redistrictingproposals in October and November. The census data needed to create the plans is not expected to be available until July or August.

The seven-member county redistricting commission will consist of two members appointed by the presiding judge of the Superior Court, one of whom will serve as commission chair. Each member of the Board of Supervisors will appoint one of the remaining five members and one alternate member. The board plans to appoint the commission and five alternate members on April 20. The commission will hold its first meeting in May.

Members of the commission must be registered to vote in the county. They may not:

  • Be an elected county official or a family member, staff member, or paid campaign staff member of an elected county official.
  • Have served as a staff member of an elected official during the past four years.
  • Have served in elected office or campaigned as a candidate for an elected office during the past four years.
  • Have served as a member of a political party central committee during the past four years.
  • Have contributed more than $500 per year to any candidate for elective office during the past four years.

Commission members and alternate members will receive a stipend of $100 for each meeting they attend and reimbursement for mileage exceeding 20 miles round-trip from their home.

Applications signed in ink must be postmarked no later than April 5 or hand-delivered to the Clerk of the Board’s office by 5 p.m. on April 5. The application can be found here or by contacting the Clerk of the Board at (909) 387-4831.

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