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A Message From The Chairman

Thank you for your patience, support, feedback and sacrifices for the wellness of others. The resilience of the people that live in our county has served as a constant reminder of why San Bernardino County is the best place to live, work, and play.

For updates on COVID-19, please visit County of San Bernardino's COVID-19 website.


Chairman Hagman Seeks Redistricting Commission Candidates


The Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Curt Hagman is inviting county residents who meet minimum qualifications to serve on a first-of-its kind county redistricting commission. 

Every ten years following each U.S. Census the county must redraw the boundaries of each of the five districts that elect members of the Board of Supervisors to ensure they have nearly the same number of residents and meet the minimum qualifications. Historically this task has been undertaken solely by the Board of Supervisors. A new County Charter approved by voters in November 2020 requires the board to appoint a redistricting commission to participate in the process.

The board this week approved an ordinance to establish the commission, which will recommend two possible redistricting plans in time for the board to enact a final plan in time to meet a Dec. 15 state deadline, which means the board must consider redistrictingproposals in October and November. The census data needed to create the plans is not expected to be available until July or August.

The seven-member county redistricting commission will consist of two members appointed by the presiding judge of the Superior Court, one of whom will serve as commission chair. Each member of the Board of Supervisors will appoint one of the remaining five members and one alternate member. The board plans to appoint the commission and five alternate members on April 20. The commission will hold its first meeting in May.

Members of the commission must be registered to vote in the county. They may not:

  • Be an elected county official or a family member, staff member, or paid campaign staff member of an elected county official.
  • Have served as a staff member of an elected official during the past four years.
  • Have served in elected office or campaigned as a candidate for an elected office during the past four years.
  • Have served as a member of a political party central committee during the past four years.
  • Have contributed more than $500 per year to any candidate for elective office during the past four years.

Commission members and alternate members will receive a stipend of $100 for each meeting they attend and reimbursement for mileage exceeding 20 miles round-trip from their home.

Applications signed in ink must be postmarked no later than April 5 or hand-delivered to the Clerk of the Board’s office by 5 p.m. on April 5. The application is available at https://cms.sbcounty.gov/Portals/45/AdvisoryRedistrictingCommissionApplication.pdf?ver=2021-02-12-090449-457 or by contacting the Clerk of the Board at (909) 387-4831.

To learn more information on how you can shape the future of California and the Inland Empire, join the Leagues of Women Voters at 6:00 PM via Zoom on Wednesday, February 24, 2021.

To register for the webinar, please click here.


Chairman Hagman Seeks Commissioners for the Community Commission in the District Attorney's Office



San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman announced he is accepting applications from residents throughout the Fourth District to fill vacancies for the Community Commission in the District Attorney's Office. 

“All commissions and boards are important, and I value the input of our residents in making them work towards improving the quality of life in our County.  The Community Commission is especially important because they will discuss the District Attorney's caseload, their role in administration of criminal cases in San Bernardino County and their role in help in educating the community members regarding all the laws that impact us," noted Hagman. “I’m personally very grateful to all those who take the time to apply and to serve, and review every application carefully.”

The qualifications to serve on any of the county boards and commissions are available at: http://www.sbcounty.gov/COB/Main/OtherServices-bcc-BoardRoster.aspx.

If you are interested in applying for any of these openings, please fill out the application found at: http://www.sbcounty.gov/COB/Main/NewBCCApp.aspx.

The applicants must be residents of the Fourth District which includes the cities of Chino, Chino Hills, Montclair, Ontario, and Upland south of Foothill Boulevard as well as the immediately surrounding unincorporated areas. 

Please apply prior to May 7, 2021, so that these openings can be filled and the commissioners can carry on with providing services to the residents of the County.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program


The San Bernardino County Transitional Assistance Department (TAD) will partner with the  Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for the 11th year, to bring self-service tax preparation to eligible low-to-moderate income taxpayers countywide through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, TAD has created an alternative process for eligible taxpayers to provide a free and secure option of online Taxpayer Self-Assisted Return Preparation. Taxpayers assistance will be available on the website, and via phone by IRS certified TAD preparers, as required by the IRS. 

For more information, you can contact the County TAD Office at (877) 410-8829 or visit their website

Persons Over 65 Remain Vaccination Focus This Week


San Bernardino County continues to receive and administer a steady stream of both Pfizer and Moderna vaccine doses, but demand for the vaccinations still exceed our supply.

Individuals over the age of 65 continue to be our priority, and more appointments are opening up starting this week. Senior residents can go to https://sbcovid19.com/vaccine/65plus/#load to sign up to receive alerts announcing appointment availability. The County is also taking additional steps to assist seniors trying to schedule vaccination appointments with extended hours for its vaccination hotline (909-387-3911) and added staff to handle calls.

“We are making every effort to make this process easy for seniors, many of whom are not experienced computer users. This is an unprecedented effort to provide literally thousands of vaccine doses as quickly as possible,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman.  He noted that appointments are available only to people aged 65 and over who live or work in San Bernardino County, and that proof of age will be required to receive a vaccination.

Check all options for vaccination availability

All county residents should remember vaccination sites are not the only place to receive a vaccine. People are encouraged to check with their healthcare provider and in some cases their employer for vaccine information, availability and locations.

The state has set up additional vaccination sites, via OptumServe, including one at Ayala Park in Bloomington and one at the Yucaipa Community Center. Senior residents interested in scheduling appointments at either of these sites should use a dedicated OptumServe appointment site located here.

Finally, a number of hospitals, pharmacies and physician practices have been provided doses of the vaccines. Residents should check the County’s vaccination webpage often to see if appointments are available. Links to all potential vaccine providers can be found at https://sbcovid19.com/vaccine/.

San Bernardino County Economic Development Department Looks to Collaborate with Businesses Through COVID-19 Recovery Coalition

San Bernardino County’s Economic Development Department is reaching out to key sectors of the region’s businesses, faith-based organizations and non-profit industries in order to promote long-term economic resilience as the County begins to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. This collaborative communication is at the heart of the County’s COVID-19 Recovery Coalition announced earlier this year. 

Created by San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman, the coalition includes several government, private-sector and community partners throughout the county and encompasses public- and private-sector partners in the following areas: transportation/logistics; healthcare; faith community; retail; manufacturing; government; education; hospitality; non-profits and tourism. The coalition’s objective is to identify the challenges and needs now impacting industry and community partners as well as provide an immediate economic response to the impacts of COVID-19 on the County’s businesses, faith-based organizations and non-profit industries.

“As we continue to proactively deploy a vaccine, we will work even closer with our businesses to gain their support in this important Countywide effort as well as gather insight into areas of concern. In this way we can pinpoint the right avenue of support by industry sector and promote best practices toward dealing with the COVID-19 crisis in order to move San Bernardino County forward,” said Hagman. 

As noted, an immediate coalition objective is to leverage industry and community stakeholder, and non-profit partnerships to amplify awareness of, importance of, and the process for the distribution of vaccinations to workers, customers, and the community. Interested community members and businesses that want to participate in this collaborative communication can contact the Department via email at info@selectsbcounty.com.

There's a Hero Inside You. Your Plasma Could Save Lives.

The Fight Is In Us is a national coalition that helps people who have recently recovered from COVID-19 become heroes by donating blood plasma. Plasma is the liquid part of your blood. It is mostly made up of water. If you have recently recovered from COVID-19, then your plasma may also contain antibodies that could help others fight off the disease.

Plasma is so useful because it can be safely donated by the recently recovered to treat the sick. The process has been used for many years to treat people during outbreaks. Plasma is naturally replaced by your body. 

If you or someone you know has recovered from COVID-19, please consider donating today. For questions about donation, visit TheFightIsInUs.org or contact (877) 752-7629.


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