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“Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful.”

—Ann Landers
Donation Helps Protect Pets

Thanks to a recent donation, San Bernardino County fire engines serving Upland and San Antonio Heights are now equipped with oxygen masks specially designed for pets.

The Fire Department has already deployed more than 100 of the devices to stations across the County thanks to the Emma Zen Foundation—a nonprofit that donates pet oxygen masks to fire departments around the country and advocates for pet safety.

In the past, firefighters had to improvise with equipment designed for humans when they discovered a pet who suffered from smoke inhalation or other breathing issues during a fire.

The masks donated by the Emma Zen Foundation are specifically made to get oxygen to pets, which makes them more effective at saving animals’ lives. The masks come in multiple sizes and can be used on an animal as small as a rabbit or as big as a Great Dane.

Click here to watch a video where firefighters use this equipment to resuscitate a small dog. It’s an amazing rescue, but be forewarned, it may be hard for some to watch.

Upland Animal Services officers helped train County firefighters on how to properly use the equipment.

While saving people remains the top priority of County firefighters, they understand the attachment people have to their pets.

Please help let the Emma Zen Foundation know how much our community appreciates this very generous donation by giving them a shout out on their Facebook and Twitter pages.
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