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September 2017

Hurricane Harvey - You Can Help Make A Difference


Our office has received several inquiries regarding how people can volunteer to support the City of Houston; and/or ways to send in-kind and cash donations. Below is information provided to us by the City of Houston Emergency Operations Center Donations/Management Unit.

Here’s How You Can Help:

Individual Volunteers: 
Call (713) 685-2300; you will be directed to Houston’s local 211 which is coordinating volunteers
Groups of Volunteers: 
Register at www.volunteerhouston.org

Volunteers/Medical Field: 
Register at https://texasdisastervolunteerregistry.org/

Cash Donations:
Call the Harris County/City of Houston Joint Hotline at

In-Kind Donations:
For corporations/businesses wanting to donate supplies (for example, XYS Company has truckloads of supplies), please email the following information to Norma Meadows or Carlecia Wright :
o Name of Organization
o Name of Contact Person
o Email Point of Contact 
o Equipment/Supplies/Service(s) to be provided

Feel free to share this information with anyone who is interested in helping victims displaced by the storm. Please join me in keeping all those affected by Hurricane Harvey in your thoughts and prayers.



Supervisor Curt Hagman

Business of the Quarter

As a part of Supervisor Curt Hagman's desire to encourage business growth in San Bernardino County, he would like to introduce a new program that promotes business in the Fourth District! The Business of the Quarter is a program that honors local businesses for their contributions to our economy and our community. 

Members of the community are encouraged to participate in this new program by nominating their favorite business in the Fourth District for this Award! The outstanding business that is selected will receive recognition on behalf of the County Board of Supervisors. Business owners will receive this new award from me and my staff at their place of business.


Our first ever Fourth District Business of the Quarter award winner was Core Real Estate, based out of Chino. They were selected for their community outreach and charitable support, including support for organizations such as the Knights of Columbus, Isaiah’s Rock, and the Special Olympics. Congratulations again to the Core Real Estate team! Please click here to view Supervisor Hagman's visit to CORE Real Estate Services.

If you would like to Nominate a Business, place of work, favorite business, or a business that gives back to the community, and is located within the Fourth District of the County (Chino, Chino Hills, Montclair, Ontario and Upland), then please enter both your information and the business’s information on the application. Each nomination will be reviewed, and a winner will be chosen for each quarter. Please be as detailed as possible when filling out the nomination form on behalf of the business you’d like to see as a winner. 

Nominations for the 3rd quarter of 2017 are now being accepted through September 30th. The winner will be announced during the 4th quarter, and all nominations are kept for a period of one year. 

Thank you for helping us bring attention to exceptional businesses in the community! 

Upcoming Events




Bringing Technology to Government Services


On Wednesday, August 29, Supervisor Curt Hagman hosted a Public Safety Drone Expo at Prado Regional Park in Chino, to show the benefits of using drone technology to Fourth District Department Heads and Law Enforcement Agencies. 

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), or drones as they're more commonly called, can be a huge asset in a number of public safety efforts, particularly for law enforcement, first responders, search and rescue and humanitarian applications.  Drones are changing the nature of public safety. 


"The County of San Bernardino Public Works has been using UAV program for the past year and a half.  The devices are used for flood control and solid waste facilities primarily, but we've seen so much cost savings that we've extended the work to transportation work as well," stated County Surveyor, Thomas P. Herrin.

Some of the UAV benefits demonstrated were:

  • Low altitude maneuvers/rotorcraft advantages
  • FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera
  • 10x Zoom Camera
  • Payload delivery of emergency supplies
  • Programmed Autonomous flight on GPS Grid
  • Return to Launch (Failsafe) capability
  • Ground Control Station/ Heads Up Display (HUD)
  • 3D-mapping/orthomosaic models

UAV's are significantly improving public safety measures by getting to affected areas faster and reporting data with less risk to human responders.  The use of drones can also be more cost-effective and time-efficient than traditional methods alone.

"This expo is our County moving forward to look at new innovative ways to save money and how to do our jobs in a more efficient matter," stated Supervisor Hagman.


A Visitor to the Fourth


On Thursday, September 7, 2017 San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors Chairman Robert Lovingood and his staff, Lori Marsden and Dillon Lesovsky, visited the Fourth District.  The first stop was at Supervisor Curt Hagman's District Office located in Chino Hills, then the group visited the BAPS Hindu Mandir in Chino Hills.


BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir.  This Mandir is the fifth traditional Hindu Mandir in North America.

Fourth District Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies






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