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“A people free to choose will always choose peace.”

—Ronald Reagan
RC Business Serves Hospitality Industry

As a boy, Henry Savedra Jr. would climb atop stacks of lumber at a factory in Tarzana and watch his father and grandfather make mid-century furniture for department stores such as Montgomery Ward and Sears.

Today, Henry is President/CEO of Tekton Hospitality—a Rancho Cucamonga-based company that supplies custom furniture and accessories to hotels, restaurants and other hospitality businesses across the nation.

“As I got older, it became something that I wanted to do,” Henry said as he explained how his early days watching his relatives led to his decades-long career in the furniture manufacturing industry.

Cutting wood and routing edges smooth weren’t the only skills Henry learned at the factory, which he worked at for 15 years before leaving to start his own company. He made it a point to understand every nook and cranny of the business, and he did it by sidling up with everyone from designers to craftsman to office support staff.

“I became the guy who was sitting by each person and learning what they did and absorbing everything that was there,” Henry said.

His next manufacturing venture in downtown Los Angeles ran into trouble when a union came in and demanded wages his company simply couldn’t afford, so he moved it to Mexico where he ran into other issues that eventually prompted him to close the factory.

He went on to start a manufacturing consulting business, and after that, he helped found other hospitality furniture manufacturing companies. He directed the development for one of the company’s manufacturing plants in China for 28 years. He stayed in China for a month and in the U.S. for a month over the course of nearly three decades and racked up more than 2.9 million frequent flyer miles in the process.

But he missed spending time with his family, and he also started to realize China was no longer the bastion of inexpensive manufacturing it once was.

Henry decided to start his own furniture business and set out to find the perfect location in his home state of California. He eventually landed a 119,000-square-feet facility on Arrow Route in Rancho Cucamonga.

The building offered space for millwork and finishing as well as shipping and warehousing products. Its proximity to Ontario International Airport and other shipping hubs as well as the area’s large labor pool and sunny weather clinched the deal.

Tekton Hospitality opened in July 2015. You can learn more about this local business by visiting
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