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Roseville 2017


Roseville 2017 is the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce’s premier regional economic development trendshow and networking event, happening May 5.

The day’s activities will center around the continued theme of: Connect. Share. Influence.

Attendees and sponsors will have the opportunity to Connect and network during the trendshow around sponsor booths, exhibits and an afternoon reception. #Connect

Fellow business leaders and elected officials will Share news of emerging economic development trends in our region, as well as trends in technology, social media, and business development during topical, interactive mini-breakout sessions. #Share

Flexible and free-flowing activities will offer participants the chance to both Influence and to gain perspectives from business and elected officials who are shaping regional developments and our local economy. #Influence

The Roseville 2017 event is a valuable investment for executives, business development professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in networking with people who are making a difference in our region and its economy.

Visit the Roseville Chamber of Commerce website to learn more.

Roseville Civic Center

City Council seeks community input on future budgets

The City Council has adopted an effort to engage community input identifying key financial priorities for future budgets. A primary function is to match service levels with available funding levels. Applications to serve on the committee are being accepted through May 19, 2017.

Find out more.

economic development strategic plan

Economic Development Strategy final draft to be considered by City Council

The final draft of the Roseville's 2017-2022 Economic Development Strategy was approved by the Economic Development Advisory Committee on April 25th.  The strategy is Roseville's guiding framework for capturing and expanding businesses investments and attracting new jobs.

The 2017-2022 Economic Development Strategy is tentatively scheduled for City Council review and consideration in July.

For more information regarding the draft strategy, please email Laura Matteoli, Economic Development Manager.


Roseville Community Development Corporation looks to revive oldest building in Roseville

The Roseville Community Development Corporation bought the IOOF Building in History Old Town, at a tax sale several months ago.  Now they are on their way to renovating the oldest commercial building in town.

“We’re looking at what’s going to have the greatest impact on the street and benefit to the district,” said Roseville Community Development Corporation CEO Chris Robles.

See inside and read more from the Roseville Press-Tribune.

Campus Oaks Apartment project fee deferral allows construction to begin

The City Council approved a commercial fee deferral for the Campus Oaks Apartment Complex allowing the project to begin which will provide much needed rental housing choices in Roseville.  

The Campus Oaks Apartment Complex is located just south of Blue Oaks Boulevard and consists of 396 rental units.  The current rental vacancy rate in Roseville is less than three percent compared to a typical rental vacancy rate of between five to eight percent.

City fees in the amount of $1,242,691.98 will be deferred until the project is complete but before the units are occupied.  There is also a fee deferral to Statewide Community Infrastructure Program (SCIP) bonding in the amount of $7,665,889.84. 

Both fee deferrals require payment of the development impact fees prior to issuance of a final occupancy permit on each unit. 

Downtown Tuesday Nights

new business banner

LS Innovation


LS Innovation, a division of Wilson Sporting Goods will be locating research, development and manufacturing of the iconic Louisville Slugger baseball bats at 10560 Industrial Blvd., Suite 150. R&D will include engineering and  fabrication of prototype bats along with lab (durability / performance) testing and player testing using their 5 indoor batting cages. Player testing is by invitation only and will also be conducted on-site by training partners Elite Athletics and Lyndsey Klein Softball. Their primary focus at this facility is on Louisville Slugger non-wood bats (Aluminum + Composite).  The facility is expected to employ 12 people.

northwestern mutual

Northwestern Mutual will be locating at 2990 Lava Ridge Drive, Suite 210. Northwestern Mutual is a financial services company that offers a variety of insurance and investment solutions.

sleep solution

California Sleep Solutions

California Sleep Solutions is processing tenant improvements for  offices at 1130 Conroy Lane, valued at nearly $65,000.  CSS is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and utilize the latest, fully computerized monitoring equipment in the field of sleep medicine for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.

California Rural Indian Health Board, Inc.

The California Rural Indian Health Board (CRIHB) is preparing for tenant improvement construction at 1020 Sundown Way. The work is valued at $900,000 for a 25,000 square foot tenant space. The CRIHB was formed to provide a central focal point in the Indian health field in California for planning, advocacy, funding, training, technical assistance, coordination, fund raising, education, development and for the purpose of promoting unity and formulating common policy on Indian health care issues.

CA Rural Health Board