Ward 1 - April Update

Ward 1 Update
Councilmember Edwards

Dear Neighbors,

It's an action-packed April. Take part in opportunities to help us make decisions on Homelessness and the 2022-2024 Budget. Get up-to-date on the Santa Ana River Encampment Plan and the River-Side Gateway Parks Project. Learn about office hours, and plan Springtime fun in Ward 1.

In service,


Office Hours at Arlington Library

Load up on snacks and coffee at our office hours on April 7th from 5-6 PM before the meeting on Riverside's Plan to Reduce Homelessness at the Arlington Library. 

We're hosting our office hours in Ward 5 (not Ward 1) because it is so important to us that you make it to the meeting on Riverside's Plan to Reduce Homelessness. See you at the Arlington Library.

A Plan to Reduce Homelessness

Homelessness is the #1 issue the Ward 1 Office hears about on a daily basis. You can play a critical part in forming the City's action plan.

The Housing and Homelessness Committee crafted the 6 pillars of this plan last year. The City will now conduct three meetings where you can share your feedback. 

Why is this important?

We can't write this plan without you. Share your ideas with us to form a plan that reflects the community's needs.

During the Meetings

What are the gaps in the current system's response to homelessness? How can we measure success in implementing the plan? How can we educate everyday Riversiders on the plan and the subject of homelessness? These are topics we'll discuss to help us identify action steps and fulfill the plan as a whole. We'll save you a seat as we work together to address this critical issue.

3 Meetings to Reduce Homelessness: March 31st, April 7th, April 14th att at 6 PM at different locations.

April 18th: Priority-Based Budgeting Begins

City Council is holding the first departmental budget hearing of this season on April 18th, 2022. Commissions will be hearing budgetary presentations between now and then.

You have a say in how the City spends money. Through community advocacy, major additions have been folded into previous budget cycles. In 2020, we added Street Nurses for our PSET team. Just last year, we allocated funding for Park and Neighborhood Specialists (4 of which were sworn in as of March 22). Your voice helped secure important wins for neighborhoods. What can we do next? How else can we address critical issues such as the Riverbottom through our priority-based budget? Write me, or come to office hours, to brainstorm ideas. Engage in the budget hearings and keep talking to us at City Hall about what you would like to see prioritized in this budget. 

Budgeting Sessions

Progress at the River Bottom

Santa Ana River Encampment Response Plan Update

The Office of Homeless Solutions has conducted 6 outreach days in the river bottom since November 2021 and is working with community partners on housing plans for those experiencing homelessness. To address the ecological crisis, our PSET teams are cleaning up debris from the river bottom. The Parks Department has coordinated a tour of critical entrance points along the River and is organizing removal of non-native invasive plant species.  

The next Housing and Homelessness Committee meetings will take place on April 4th (1 PM) and 25th (3:30 PM). Tune into the meetings here to receive more updates on the Santa Ana River Encampment Plan. 

Your Friendly Park and Neighborhood Specialists

Park and Neighborhood Specialists at swearing in at City Council on 3/22

Coming to a park near you: the first 4 of 20 Park and Neighborhood Specialists were officially sworn in to their roles on March 22nd. Our new park rangers can now be seen in the field. Give them a welcome and say hi to them if you spot them around. 

Northside Specific Plan Updates

Salmon River Neighborhood Street Signs

Big things are happening in the Northside this year. Street repaving in the Salmon River neighborhood is expected to begin in the next few months, and we'll keep you updated with the timeline. 

The City is working hard on implementing the Northside Specific Plan. Soon, you'll hear from us about community meetings where we'll brainstorm what kind of developer we'd like to recruit to transform the 3 surplus properties on the Northside. Stay tuned to learn about these meeting dates.

Coming to the Dais

*For meeting information, videos, agendas, and e-comment submissions, visit us here.

Photo collage of activities and events attended by the Ward 1 office in March
Easter Eggstravaganza Flier
Spring Eggstravaganza

Riverside Gateway Parks Flyer for April 13th Virtual Meeting
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