Ward 7 Update


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Ward 7 Update

Council Member John Burnard


• February 10, 2017 •

Ward 7 Community Meeting Summary:

Thank you to all who were able to attend January’s Ward 7 community meeting. To recap some of the items discussed at the meeting:

We had a few special guest in attendance that evening who provided an update on items their respective office is working on.

Deputy District Attorney Greg Rollins was present at the meeting and talked about the creative efforts the District Attorney’s office is currently seeking to combat crimes.

Our West Area Commander Kevin Townsend provided a Ward 7 crime update on recent events and discussed crime prevention tips.

We heard from Rachel Gonzaga- District Director at Assembly Member Sabrina Cervantes office. Ms. Gonzaga introduced herself and Field Representative David Santillan and provided an update on Assembly Bill 91, 162 and 179, all which are legislation Assembly Woman Cervantes has introduced.

In summary of the bills introduced by Assembly Member Cervantes:

• AB 91 would help ease late-night traffic jams in Riverside County by allowing single-occupancy vehicles to use high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes, commonly known as “carpool lanes,” during non-peak traffic hours.

 • AB 162 is a bill relating to the California Competes Tax Credit Program. The California Competes Tax Credit, administered by the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz), is an income tax credit available to small businesses that wish to establish a business, or stay and grow in California. Assembly Bill 162, would make more small businesses eligible to apply for the program.

 • AB 179 was introduced to restructure the California Transportation Commission. The bill, would impose certain additional expertise requirements on future appointments to the Commission.

In summary of my update:

Measure Z:

Measure Z is a one-cent transaction and use tax (similar to the sales tax), with revenues going directly to the City of Riverside. Measure Z was approved by voters on November 8, 2016 to help pay for critical unfunded City programs and services. The 1% sales tax increase will be in effect April 1, 2017 and it is expected to raise between $48 and $50 million annually to possibly pay for a number of City services such as public safety, roads/tree trimming and it may be used to backfill the budget, reserves and bonds.

As a result of the passing of Measure Z, a Budget Engagement Commission was formed. The commission is comprised of nine resident members and nine business members who will advise the Mayor and City Council on spending and policy priorities based on information received through quarterly financial and performance reports including revenues from transaction and use tax. The community is invited to attend and provide input at any of the upcoming budget related meetings:

 Budget Engagement Commission meetings:
 Location: Mayor’s Ceremonial Room, City Hall- 7th Floor
Time: 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

• February 23, 2017

• March 9, 2017

• April 6, 2017

• May 4, 2017

• June 8, 2017

 Regularly scheduled City Council meetings that the Budget Engagement Commission will be invited to attend:

Location: Art Pick Council Chamber, City Hall

• April 11, 2017

• May 9, 2017

• June 6, 2017

• June 13, 2017

 For more information about Measure Z and for frequently asked questions please visit: riversideca.gov/manager/measurez.asp

Proposition 64:

Proposition 64 was passed by voters in the November general election. The proposition which legalizes marijuana under state law, for use by adults 21 or older will be discussed further at an upcoming City Council workshop, date to be announced.

 5 Points Update:

In September of 2016 Community and Economic development department staff issued a request for proposal for the South West corner of Pierce and La Sierra Avenue also known as Site B.

Four proposals were received some of which include retail, restaurant and office space, while some include retail and residential space.

A selection committee comprised of staff and community members interviewed three of the four firms. Out of the three proposals, the selection committee selected the proposal from RC Hobbs which incorporates retail and market rate senior apartments. I will be holding a community meeting at La Sierra Senior Center on Thursday, March 2nd from 7:00-8:00 p.m. to hear the proposal.  


Hidden Valley Ponds Update:

The regional work group continues to have the conversation of the replenishment of the ponds. The group has been expanded and we continue to work towards a plan that outlines the intent of the project. Once the plan has been solidified, our goal is to search for grant money to help fund the replenishment of the ponds.


Sewer and Water Improvements along Arlington Avenue:

The City of Riverside Public Works and Public Utilities department are currently constructing new sewer and water improvements along Arlington Avenue between Crestview Drive and Western Hills Drive. The project will help improve the reliability of the sewer system and expand the water system.

The project which has begun, will not affect your water or sewer service however, it will take about 4 months to complete. In order to minimize traffic impacts, the contractor will stage the work in segments.

We appreciate your patience as your sewer and water system is improved. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact our Call Center by dialing 311 or (951) 826-5311 and mention the name of the project, Sewer and Water Improvements along Arlington Avenue to any customer service representative. 


Auto Theft Sticker Program:

Please see message below from Lt. Kevin Townsend:

The Riverside Police Department is implementing an auto theft sticker program called ‘H.E.A.T.,’ which stands for Help Eliminate Auto Theft, modeled after similar programs used in other jurisdictions across the country. After the owner(s) of a vehicle sign a waiver / registration form the RPD will place a unique sticker on the bottom left corner of the rear window of the vehicle. This sticker authorizes law enforcement officers to stop the vehicle between 1am and 5am to confirm ownership of the vehicle (this is targeted toward people who do not normally drive during those times). The theory behind this program is auto theft can often occur overnight when people are sleeping, take hours for a person to realize they are a victim, and during that time patrol officers may have come across the vehicle but had no reason to stop it or suspect it was stolen. This program is free for City of Riverside residents. 

This will initially be piloted in the West part of the City and then, if it is successful, expanded to the entire city and possibly the region. Any City of Riverside residents interested in the program may contact: 

•PSR Antoinette Alexander at:

 951-353 7969 or aalexander@riversideca.gov 
•Sergeant Carlos Flores at:

 951-353-7963 or cflores@riversideca.gov 
•Lieutenant Kevin Townsend at:

 951-353-7964or ktownsend@riversideca.gov 

•Si usted necesita hablar con una persona que hable español llame PSR Irma Ochoa al:

 (951) 353 – 7962 o iochoa@riversideca.gov 

You can make arrangements to stop by the ‘Magnolia Station’ at 10540 Magnolia Ave, Suite B, to register generally on weekdays from 8am to 5pm. We can also complete registrations at upcoming community meetings.

Please remember to lock your doors, roll your windows all the way up, and purchase and use vehicle theft deterrence and prevention devices.


Upcoming Events:

  • Sunday Movies at La Sierra Library- Sunday’s in February | La Sierra Library, 4600 La Sierra Ave.
  • 5 Points Site B Community Meeting- Thursday, March 2nd | La Sierra Senior Center- 5215 B. La Sierra Ave.
  •  KRCB Ward 7 Project- Saturday, March 4th | Rutland Park, 7000 Rutland Ave.

Ward 7 in Pictures:


Ward 7 Community Meting

Wednesday, January 25th

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