City of Riverside Ward 6 Update

Jim Perry

Jim Perry
City Council Member - Ward 6

A Message From Your Council Member… 

Great news!  Home Front at Camp Anza is being awarded the Governor’s Award for Historic Preservation.  The State of California will bestow its highest honor to Home Front at Camp Anza, this unique project reinvented a dilapidated old Army building to a historic centerpiece for veterans and their families in our very own Arlanza community.  The project ensured maximum retention of the Officers Club’s original design and materials and created a history room to commemorate its military past as part of Camp Anza, a WWII staging area for the Los Angeles Port of Embarkation that processed more than 625,000 troops en route to and from the Pacific Theater, as well as Italian POWs.  The four-year project was possible through partnership between the City of Riverside and Wakeland Housing and Development Corporation, a leading developer of affordable housing in Southern California, as well as Mercy House Living Centers, which provides on-site services for residents in the historic community building. The Home Front at Camp Anza project will be presented with the 2016 Governor’s Historic Preservation Award at a special ceremony in Sacramento in November. This project is the culmination of several different entities working successfully together with the common goal of providing quality affordable housing and excellent services to our veterans. It's through this historic preservation project that we are able to provide others the opportunity to succeed in life. We are honored to have this unique project become a point of local pride in Ward 6, as well as in the City of Riverside, and that it has gained state and national attention, including from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.


Jim Perry 

Housing Assistance

The City of Riverside offers its residents assistance with Down Payments and Housing Rehabilitation Loans/Grants. The Down Payment Assistance Program is designed to help eligible families obtain the dream of ownership.  Income-eligible applicants must be at or below 80% of Area Median Income for Riverside County.  The program provides up to a $50,000 subsidy for mortgage assistance in the form of a deferred loan with no payments required for 30 years. This loan is interest free, saving the buyer up to an additional $45,000 in interest at the maturity of the loan! Applicants must have a minimum 580 FICO Credit Score to qualify. Interested applicants must begin by contacting one of our approved lenders listed at or call 951-826-5371 for a list.  Housing Rehabilitation Loans/Grants are also available to help finance housing repairs for income eligible homeowners.  Income-eligible applicants begin by contacting Riverside Housing Development Corporation’s program administrator at 951-341-6511.  Loans in the amount of $50,000 are available to current homeowners who live in the City of Riverside, who need assistance with correcting health and safety hazards, code violations and general improvements. These loans are offered at a deferred term (30 years) or at a regular, fully amortized term. Both types of rehab loans are now interest free! For more information visit 


Business Alert

mailThe Riverside Police Department have been on high alert that local businesses continue to have numerous backflow valves stolen.  While thieves only net a few dollars in recycling money, our businesses end up paying full price for a new valve, installation, and sometimes a large water bill due to overnight flooding.  Capital improvements can be expensive but the cost/benefit is worth it and the Riverside Greater Chamber of Commerce supports the Police Department’s encouragement to put a metal cage over the devices.  Businesses be sure to include concrete to secure the cage and keep your investment safe.  If you have questions, reach out to Lieutenant Kevin Townsend, from the Riverside Police Department, at 951-353-7964. 




Keep Riverside Clean & Beautiful

 We would like to thank Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful and the Greater Riverside Chamber of Commerce for their commitment to provide hands-on stewardship for litter prevention, graffiti eradication and tree planting projects year round in the City of Riverside.  Thanks to our partnership with the Public Works Department, Riverside Police Department and the Public Education Program for Graffiti, we were recognized by Keep Riverside Clean & Beautiful for our commitment to eradicate graffiti throughout Ward 6 and contributing to an 80% reduction in our ward.


Kids’ Produce Market


The Kid’s Produce Market continues to be a huge success and a tremendous resource for students at Arlanza Elementary School! Feeding America provided 20,000 pounds of fresh produce not only to all the students in attendance, but also to parents, community members, volunteers and AUSD staff.  Students are happy tokidProduce2 receive the fresh produce to share the healthy food options with their families at home. We would like to thank the monthly volunteers from Alvord Child NutritionServices, Alvord High School, AUSD parents and interns from our local universities. And we of course would like to give a heartfelt THANK YOU to Feeding America and their remarkable staff for making the Kids’ Produce Market a realization for this community!


Community Events

11/01 City Council @ Council Chambers/3900 Main St. (6:15pm)

11/08 Election Day! @ various polling location (7am-8pm)

11/08 City Council @ Council Chambers/3900 Main St. (2pm)

11/11 Veteran’s Day

11/15 City Council @ Council Chambers/3900 Main St. (6:15pm)

11/24 Happy Thanksgiving!