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Mail Theft


If you are the victim of a mail crime such as mail theft, mail fraud and other criminal activity, please call:  


There is also an option on this line to report delivery problems.  

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Mike Soubirous

September 20, 2016

Edition #17

Hello Ward 3!

I hope you had a great summer. We endured the heat and hopefully some cooling and maybe even some rain will be in our near future.

Just a reminder, the Ward 3 Town Hall will be this Wednesday, September 21st from 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm. The meeting will be at the Janet Goeske Center located at 5257 Sierra Avenue at Streeter (behind Sears). The meeting will feature representatives from various city departments, Northwest Mosquito and Vector Control District, representative from the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office and more. The meeting will start off with staff and presenter introductions, a brief overview of what is going on at City Hall and Ward 3, then move to a “break-out” session. At that time, residents can meet with the various staff and agency representatives and I’ll be on hand to speak with residents. The second half of the meeting will be a question & answer session from our attending residents. I’m sure it will be an informative two hours. I hope to see you there!

The Riverside City Council will be dedicating the entire council meeting to our city’s homeless and homeless crime concerns on Tuesday, October 11th. The afternoon session will start at 2 pm and the evening session at 6:15 pm. Your input on this very important topic is welcomed. If you cannot attend, please email your thoughts to your councilmembers at City_Clerk@riversideca.gov.

Homelessness, tree root invasion (sewer/water lines, broken sidewalks, curbs and gutters), and repaving roads seems to be the top three calls I receive from residents. Please know, I’m dedicated to working on all three and finding solutions.

As always, should you have any questions or concerns, please call me on my personal cell or email me at msoubirous@riversideca.gov. I work for you!


Mike Soubirous

Ward 3 Town Hall Meeting!

Town Hall

On the November Ballot

Measure Z

Informational Meetings

What it is & What it isn't

To learn more on Measure Z, click here.

Measure Z Community Meetings

Meals on Wheels Needs Volunteers!

Urgently needed:  Volunteers to deliver meals to your senior and housebound neighbors.  Contact Riverside Meals on Wheels to apply. 

Call (951) 683-7151 or go to www.RiversideMOW.org

Meals on Wheels Volunteer

From Janice Bielman

Executive Director of Riverside Meals on Wheels


Today Riverside Meals on Wheels desperately needs your help.  In the past 12 months our service to senior and housebound residents has expanded by 100%.  I’m sure you all will agree this is fabulous news!  This means we are finally reaching our seniors in need.  This number will only increase and is projected to rise dramatically by 72%, in the next few years.  With the increase in service comes a need for volunteers.  Riverside Meals on Wheels has an immediate need for at least 50 new volunteers just to continue serving the residents we currently deliver to.  Which means, realistically, we need more than 100 to continue with our current growth.

Meals on Wheels America recently launched their largest nationwide campaign with the Ad Council in an effort to drive volunteers to Meals on Wheels programs across the country.  This is an absolute blessing for us but we need immediate relief.  I am asking for your help! 



For more information please visit:


DAW 2016

Mariachi Festival 2016


Disposal of Hazardous Waste

The question has arisen from time to time on how to dispose of certain hazardous waste.  At one time the City collected hazardous waste at the facility knows as the "Corp Yard".  That practice was discontinued when the County's hazardous waste collection facility at Agua Mansa was constructed.  The City no longer has the permits required to collect these items on a regular basis at the Corp Yard and the county offers the service on a weekly basis. 

The Agua Mansa facility is located at: 

1780 Agua Mansa Road, Riverside, 92509. 

For more information about this facility, please click here

The City does offer disposal of batteries and light bulbs at the bulky drop off days that are held twice a year at the Corp Yard.  For more information on the dates and locations, please click here

Some other options are also available to dispose of certain items at local businesses as follows:  

Home Depot and Lowes offer free recycling of CFL bulb and batteries.

Sherwin- Williams will recycle used paint. 

Most auto parts stores will recycle used motor oil.  

Quiet Zone Update


The Riverside Quiet Zone Projects are part of the City's efforts to mitigate the adverse noise impacts from the high volume of train traffic within the city.  These projects will significantly reduce train horn noise by eliminating the need for locomotives to routinely sound their horns.  The first Riverside Quiet Zone project is nearly complete.  This project extends over 7 miles along the BNSF between Mary Street and Buchanan Street (running parallel to the SR-91 Freeway) and includes 12 at-grade crossings.  The street and railroad signal improvements required for the quiet zone are complete.  Traffic signal preemption equipment testing began on July 26 and is ongoing.  Following successful completion of the testing, the City will issue the Notice of New Quiet Zone Establishment (NOE).  The routine sounding of the train horns will cease on the time and dates specified in the NOE. 

SB 269 Signed Into Law

Governor Brown signed SB 269 into law, helping businesses from predatory ADA litigation.  

SB 269 incentivizes businesses to proactively take steps to become accessible by providing them with 120 days from receipt of a Certified Access Specialist (CASp) report to resolve any violations identified without being subject to statutory penalties or litigation costs. 

Instead of being sued immediately, a business will be given time to correct the issue first - good news for businesses!