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•June 29, 2016•

City of Riverside 

Ward 7 Update

Council Member John Burnard

4th of july

 I invite everyone to enjoy the spectacular 4th of July firework celebration at La Sierra Park. The show begins promptly at 9:00 p.m.. As an effort to conduct the firework show with safety, street closures will be required that evening. Please note Mitchell Avenue will be closed between Gramercy and Norwood Avenue from 5:00 to 10:00 p.m.

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Many are asking when Jurupa Avenue will be opened from Rutland to Crest. I regularly hear the concerns from the community that traffic flow is unsafe on the residential streets in the area.  I cannot give any specific dates as it depends on when Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) clears the project site known as Ag Park.

DTSC, EPA and the developer have tested the site in grids to identify areas of concern. They have prepared a comprehensive clean-up plan that addresses soil removal, dust and run-off from the site. Ultimately, the Department of Toxic Substances Control will oversee excavation of the PCB –contaminated soil, retest the area where soil was removed, and eliminate more soil if PCBs are found above acceptable levels. This process will continue until each area retests with PCBs below acceptable levels. The process will take time as samples are sent out to independent labs, tested and results returned. Lastly, we have asked that the tumble weeds be cleaned up on the site and that should be taking place soon.

I understand there are concerned citizens who would like all work to end on the site. I have a difficult time understanding why work should be stopped when the goal of DTSC is to oversee and ensure the area is clean for the community.  We are reviewing information and dialogue continues with DTSC for the best interest of all. As DTSC continues with the remediation process, I appreciate your understanding and patience. I, nor the City, want to rush DTSC or the developer; we want it done correctly. 


John Burnard
City Council Member, Ward 7 

Ward 7 Highlight: 

Hole Lake

Image from Hole Lake. Various City staff departments are working diligently to clean-up Hole Lake. We look forward to its restoration as it is a wonderful asset to the community

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