City of Riverside Ward 6 Update

Jim Perry

Jim Perry
City Council Member - Ward 6

A Message From Your Council Member… 

Residents in Ward 6 are enjoying the new renovated facilities throughout the ward. First, the Grand Opening of Camp Anza was a success and we want to thank all of the residents who came out to support this very much needed Veteran Housing Project. Second, Cardenas Market located on La Sierra and will be open in a few weeks. Third, Van Buren Boulevard is almost complete, which will now go nicely with the Walmart expansion that is expected to be completed soon.

We would also like to share the City of Riverside’s Quarterly Update that has been provided by the City Manager’s Office, click here to view.

Jim Perry 

La Sierra and Collett Community Meeting


The Community Development Department will be hosting a meeting to give residents an update on the Request for Proposals for the housing development at 4350 La Sierra Avenue on June 27th at 6:30pm, Magnolia Police Station- Community room.  There will also be a presentation by GRAE Ventures regadign the restaurant site located on Magnolia at Park Sierra. The Magnolia Police Station is located at 10540 Magnolia Avenue, Riverside.


Healthy Schools Program Awards


Once again several schools from the Alvord Unified School District in partnership with Kaiser Permanente have received national recognition from the Healthy Schools Program! This is an incredible achievement that has taken many hours of dedication from the AUSD staff that include Wellness Leaders, Wellness Councilmembers, Principals and additional school staff. We want to thank and commend the AUSD Child Nutrition Services, specifically Betty Crocker and Eric Holliday, for their unwavering support. In addition, Alvord had great partners from the UC Cooperative Extension CalFresh Program. Kaiser Permanente deserves a great deal of credit for funding this amazing grant and supporting Alvord to thrive in wellness. Congratulations to the following nine schools and their teams that were recognized for their efforts:


Gold: Loma Vista MS- Patti Suppe and Principal Kemp

Silver: Wells MS- Alanna Kolonics and Principal Ferguson

Bronze: Alvord HS- Crystal Mackean and Principal Fielding

Arizona MS- Maddy Monreal and Principal Jones

McAuliffe ES- Kelli Seibert and Principal Aguilar

Norte Vista HS- Molly Bell and Principal Boyd

Orrenmaa ES- Terri Bolton and Principal Kammeyer

Promenade ES- Niloo Saadat and Principal Williams

Twinhill- Heather Robinson and Principal Parsons


311 UPGRADE - Update


On April 28, 2015, the City Council approved an upgrade the City’s 311 Customer Relations Management System, which was originally purchased and implemented in 2008. The decision was made to move forward with an upgrade for two important reasons. First, the overall project cost would not be impacted – only additional staff time would be needed for implementation and testing. Second, the upgrade to the latest version of the software would allow the City to build a solid foundation for customer service applications.


The following enhancements were completed recently:


  1. Modern browser support with enhanced cybersecurity and user experience;
  2. Website redesign allowing for a dynamic mobile experience;
  3. Ability for users to automatically create and reset username and password without 311 staff intervention;
  4. Ability for user to log-in, check status, and review a history of service requests submitted;
  5. Ability to add an attachment when submitting a request (e.g. picture of issue);
  6. Ability for user to submit anonymous requests;
  7. Ability for user to submit employee complaints and Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline requests in a secure and confidential manner; and
  8. Technology platform upgrades throughout, including upgraded database platform and new server hardware and software.


In addition to this 311/CRM enhancements, several additional items have been identified through this project by Council Members, City staff and conversations with the public that should be included in a future Phase 2: Phase 2 of the 311/CRM system enhancement will be completed or initiated by July 2017.


Thank you for your continued support and suggestions as we work to enhance customer services.


Auto Theft Alerts


A message from the Riverside Police Department:


You can prevent car theft. Most cars are taken by amateurs who can be thwarted fairly easily. Protect your vehicle against this crime by taking the following sensible precautions: Always lock your car, even if you will be back shortly. Close all windows – professional thieves have tools that can unlock cars through the smallest openings. Park carefully and avoid leaving your car in an unattended area for an extended amount of time. After dark look for parking in well-lit busy areas and turn your wheels toward the curb, making it more difficult for thieves to tow your car. Use anti-theft devices such as an alarm system that activates a siren and horn to frighten thieves and an engine disabler or “kill switch” which prevents the vehicle from being hotwired. Be safe and report any suspicious behavior to 951-354-2007 or 911 in an Emergency.



Crime Free Multi-Housing Training


The Riverside Police Department will be providing Crime Free Multi-Housing Training (CFMH) for property owners, managers, maintenance personnel and security staff. The Riverside CFMH Program is designed to help residents, owners, managers and anyone else associated with rental property create an environment to keep drugs and other illegal activity out of their community!


The CFMH Program uses a unique three phase approach:

  • Phase 1: An eight-hour seminar presented by the Police Department and other City agencies. 
  • Phase 2: Certify the property has met the minimum-security requirements for the residents’ safety.  Best known as a CPTED Inspection.
  • Phase 3: Tenant/Neighborhood Watch/Crime Prevention meeting conducted for full certification into the Program.


Attendees will learn:

*Benefits of Applicant Screening                                 *How to become a pro-active manager

*Tips to strengthen rental agreements                        *How to develop safety awareness

*Drug Nuisance Abatement                                         *Warning signs of drug activity

*Gang Recognition                                                      *The Role of the Police

*Civil Liability and the Eviction process                       * Crisis resolution

The benefits:

*A stable, more satisfied resident base

*Increased property values     

*Lower maintenance and repair costs

*Improved personal safety for the residents, landlords and managers

Click here for application to attend the program.

Click here to view an information flyer.


 Activities at Myra Linn Park 

The City of Riverside will kick-off its Movies at the Park in mid-June. This year the Arlington Business Partnership will be the Sponsor for the summer series and we will have Kung Fu Panda 3 presented on June 23rd at Myra Linn Park (address). Come by at dusk with your lawn chairs or a blanket to enjoy this FREE family friendly movie or arrive early to have a picnic and enjoy the park’s amenities. Stop by the playground with your toddler to try out our newly installed Expression Swing. Myra Linn Park was very fortunate to be selected as the home for the first Expression Swing in the City of Riverside! We have been receiving some great feedback from residents and hope you bring your little ones to try it out.

Activities at Myra Linn Park 


Community Events

06/04 Latina Health Conference @ Parkview Hospital/3865 Jackson Street (8:30am)

06/07 City Council @ Council Chambers/3900 Main St. (6:15pm)

06/17 City Council @ Council Chambers/3900 Main St. (6:30pm)

06/15 SummerFest 2016 @ Arlington Park/3850 Van Buren Blvd (10:00am)

06/21 City Council @ Council Chambers/3900 Main St. (6:30pm)

06/23 Movie at the Park @Myra Linn/ 4540 Meredith Street (Dusk)

06/28 City Council @ Council Chambers/3900 Main St. (6:30pm)