September 2021 District 3 Newsletter

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Placer County District 3 Newsletter

September 2021

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In 1980 the voters in Placer County adopted the County Charter. The charter is an important governing document that provides a level of flexibility in local decision making and contains provisions that guide the organizational structure, duties and responsibilities of elected and appointed officials. Any changes to the Charter must be voted on by the citizens of Placer County.

Section 601 of the Charter requires the periodic review and assessment of the Charter documents to recommend potential changes or additions to the document and requires the Board of Supervisors to convene a Charter Review Committee for this purpose. In February 2019, the Board of Supervisors appointed seven members to the Committee, one member from each Supervisorial District and two members at-large.

Early in the Charter Review process the committee members identified the issue of election security. The Committee members took the time to meet with the Placer County Clerk-Recorder’s Office as well as to observe the fall special election. Satisfied that both physical election security and chain-of-custody ballot integrity were secure and well-managed, the committee decided that no further investigation was needed on the issue.

The officials and staff at the Placer County Elections Office have always been dedicated to ensuring that elections are conducted in a fair and transparent manner. Security has always been a cornerstone of the Elections Office. Placer County Elections has always ensured that Placer County staff are the ones who program voting equipment, check Vote by Mail signatures and compare them to the signatures on the original voter registration card. The Elections Office also counts the ballots. The Elections Office maintains their own servers that are not connected to the internet or any outside networks.

Placer County Elections is committed to ensuring that all Placer County citizens can exercise their voting rights by providing in-person opportunities. The Elections Office in North Auburn and the Elections Warehouse in Rocklin are currently open to the public for in-person voting. Traditional polling places will also be open on Election Day from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. The Elections Office is welcoming to and encourages all members of the public who would like to watch any of the processes to come into the office and observe their processes and procedures in person.

Additionally, poll workers are needed for the September 14 election, please check with the Elections Office for information on how to apply to become a poll worker.

Below is the link to the Placer County Clerk-Recorder-Registrar of Voters for information to sign up.

Warm Regards,

Supervisor Jim Holmes

Poll workers needed: Placer County experiencing urgent shortage of poll workers

poll workers needed

With just weeks remaining until the September 14 California gubernatorial recall election, the Placer County Elections Office is facing a shortage of volunteers to serve in precincts throughout the county. Poll workers who are bilingual in Spanish, Tagalog, Punjabi or Korean are in special need, too. Learn more...

Placer County Public Health issues new COVID-19 health warning


The Delta surge has resulted in record numbers of COVID-related hospitalizations, leaving our local hospitals with less room to absorb more patients requiring hospitalization. Learn more...

President approves major federal disaster declaration for Placer and three other California counties due to wildfire

river fire

Placer County was one of four California counties included in a wildfire disaster declaration approved by President Joe Biden. This action brings much needed financial assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to people affected by the River Fire. Learn more...

Supervisors approve Placer County Government Center agreement for potential development opportunities

gov center

The Placer County Board of Supervisors on August 10 approved an exclusive-right-to-negotiate agreement for potential development at the Placer County Government Center and Placer and Administrative Center, awarding the contract to Delaware-based firm Griffin-Swinerton following a competitive process. Learn more...

Joint air quality advisory by Placer County Public Health and the Placer County Air Pollution Control District

air quality

Placer County Public Health and Placer County Air Pollution Control District have extended the joint air quality advisory to notify the public of continued poor air quality conditions due to smoke from wildfires including the Caldor Fire in El Dorado County and others in northern California. Learn more...

Placer County Building Department simplifies building inspection appointments


The Placer County Building Department is changing its inspection request hours of operation to better serve building permit customers. Learn more...

Chipper program expands fire reduction efforts in Placer through new staffing agreement

brush clearing

The Placer County Board of Supervisors approved on Tuesday, August 10 an agreement to expand funding and staffing for the Placer County Chipper Program by partnering with the Probation Department’s alternative sentencing work-release program.  Learn more...

Placer county recognizes its dedicated employees in service ceremony

Sup Holmes congratulates Rebecca Lillis

Supervisor Holmes congratulates Senior Planner Rebecca Lillis as she accepts an award for her 20 year service to Placer County

The Placer County Employee Service Awards were held on Wednesday, August 11th to recognize the hard work and dedicated service of Placer County employees who have been with the county for 20, 25, 30, and 35 years. Postponed a year due to the pandemic, the ceremony was held in the Garden Theatre adjacent to the Auburn Library with friends and family of the honorees in attendance. Principal Planner George Rosasco, an employee recognized for his almost 31 years of service to Placer County, says he has “always enjoyed working for Placer County and providing public service to my friends and neighbors.” This ceremony is a wonderful way to acknowledge the hardworking employees of Placer County who have dedicated decades to making this wonderful county a better place to live.

Submitted by District 3 Intern Anne Lillis


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Learn more about the Board of Supervisors, including information on upcoming Board of Supervisors meetings.

Learn more about Supervisor Jim Holmes. 


District 3 Municipal Advisory Councils (MAC's)

North Auburn MAC
September 14, 2021 (Virtual)
6:00 PM

Newcastle/Ophir MAC
September 16, 2021 (Virtual)
7:00 PM

Horseshoe Bar/Penryn MAC
September 28, 2021 


Please check our online MAC meeting calendar or contact the Board of Supervisors Office at (530)889-4010 for updated information on  meetings.


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