Kings Beach Core Improvement Project Update: 7/31/17

Kings Beach Core Improvement Project Update

CORRECTION: In our last email we noted planned closures of Beaver Street and state Route 28 for storm drainage work. That should have said 'at' Beaver Street and state Route 28, meaning the intersection of those roads only. Apologies for the confusion! 

The summer weather has come to North Lake Tahoe and so have the crowds. You may have also noticed that construction for the last phase of the Kings Beach Commercial Core Project is underway.


Our contractor, Q & D Construction, has completed several of the projects scheduled for completion this year:

  • New decorative hand railings have been installed along both sides of the bridge over Griff Creek.
  • Perimeter fencing has been installed at the Christmas tree lot next to the Log Cabin Restaurant.
  • Decorative light poles with banner arms have been re-arranged to provide the most aesthetic locations.
  • Plants have been added to the planter beds along the highway near Chipmunk Avenue.

Items still on our plate include:

  • Completion of the west end parking lot behind the Rite-Aid, which will add 29 spaces of free public parking.  This work is scheduled to be completed in mid-September.
  • Replacement of traffic control posts (bollards) at the Bear and Coon roundabouts.
  • Storm drainage modification at Beaver Street and SR28. This work is scheduled to begin on Aug. 3 and be completed Aug. 11. The work will require the daytime closure of the intersection of Beaver Street at state Route 28. Residents along Beaver Street will have to access their homes from the north side off of Cutthroat Avenue during this period. Notices will be given out to the Beaver residents in advance of this work.

Caltrans has re-striped the highway crosswalks through town including one location that has not been striped for some time.  That location as shown in the picture below is at Secline Street and state Route 28.  A big shout out to Caltrans for making that happen.


If you have questions regarding the construction activities this summer, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 530-581-6231 or stop by our office, which is located next to Lanza’s Restaurant. 

Thank you!

Dan LaPlante
Project Manager - Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project 

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