Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project update

Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project update

With the spring weather right around the corner, the Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project is gearing up for its last construction season.

Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project

As a reminder, the "Core of the Core" phase of the project has a few remaining items to be completed. Our "Core of the Core" contractor, Q & D Construction, is planning to start some highway work on Monday, April 18, 2016, weather permitting. This work will consist of raising manhole lids to grade throughout the highway corridor. As other construction activities are scheduled, we will provide an update via these emails. Q & D has approximately two months of work ahead to complete their contract.

The second phase of the project is also planned for construction this season. As a result of the competitive bidding that we did, Disney Construction was our apparent lowest bidder, which we are taking to the Placer County Board of Supervisors for their approval on April 19, 2016. Once the board approves that contract, we will provide details of when and where their work will take place.  Disney's work will primarily be on the two ends of town, extending the pedestrian, bicycle, water quality and transit improvements to the limits of the project area. The construction management team is working to provide separation between the two construction operations to avoid excessive congestion and delays. 

Newly-installed frontage improvements

We did want to acknowledge the hard work of some of the property/business owners who border the project area. Included below are a few photographs of properties where the owners have taken pride in the improvements by sweeping, clearing, raking and picking up litter. We are so appreciative of the effort!

Kings Beach Sidewalks

Sidewalk maintenance

The county is responsible for specific maintenance tasks. Our snow removal team was out this past winter clearing a path along the sidewalks/crosswalks to provide a safer path for walking. This summer, we will be addressing sidewalk sweeping and/or power washing to remove unwanted sand and dirt from these facilities. 

This is the level of detail we have to share at this time. The project will continue to build parking lots, bus shelters and streetscape furniture throughout the highway corridor.

Contact information

If you have specific questions or comments, please contact us either at our local Placer County Department of Public and Facilities office at (530) 581-6238 or at our Placer County Communications and Affairs at (530) 886-4646.