January 2015 Development Services Update

Department Updates

The purpose of this update is to give the reader a progress report of the efforts being pursued at the newly formed Development Services Department.  We seek continuous improvement, innovation and accountability.  The following newsletter is an account of our efforts over the last month.  These accomplishments are a progress report of our Quarterly Goals that relate to our Annual Work Plan. 

January 2015

Director's Note

As promised in our last newsletter the Development Services Team has been hard at work on a 2014 year in review, report card, gap analysis, performance metrics, and 2015 Action plan.  This effort started with lots of planning during the last quarter of 2014.  Then in January of 2015 we held a retreat and invited department heads as well as staff from Development Services.  The first half of the day was dedicated to listening to three engaging speakers that gave us a greater and deeper understanding of the dynamic and disruptive world we are in today, how that applies to the form of collaborative governance we in Development Services find ourselves in, and what we can hope to do with that knowledge as a department.  The second half of the day was dedicated to taking a deep dive into our performance metrics from last year, reviewing our list of accomplishments, establishing and evaluating our efforts, deriving key gaps that need attention and finally reviewing the goals that we have collectively agreed upon in advance of the meeting.

The attached [link] will summarize that effort into one document.  The information is broken down into the following:

1.       A rendering of the brainstorming we did at the second half of the day that identifies root causes that prevent us from excelling in two key areas, opportunities that we need to capitalize on and Goals we agree will help us bridge that gap.

2.       A summary of the key goals we accomplishment from 2014.  Those 5 out of 26 key goals that were not checked will be targeted in 2015.

3.       The next section is a report card that identifies 8 key subject areas that we are committed to.  Based on key metrics and the summary of 2014 goals we graded ourselves in those eight subject areas.  As part of that we identified key gaps in performance that we need to target.

4.       The next section are the goals that each of the 9 sections of Development Services have identified for the 2015 calendar year.

5.       The final section reviews key performance metrics for Development Services as a whole and then a deeper dive into the five groups that are responsible for a portion of our plan review.

The purpose of this analysis is to measure our performance from last year and set priorities for this year.

We look forward to sharing our progress throughout the year.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us.

With warmest regards,

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Peter Pirnejad