Major Energy Conservation Efforts Needed Today

Flex alert

Thank you to everyone in the Palo Alto community for your efforts to conserve energy yesterday! Our collective efforts helped the state avoided rolling power outages.

Though we avoided power outages yesterday, today will be more challenging. The state's grid management agency, the ISO, stated that temperatures are peaking today, pushing demand for energy beyond available supply. In addition, some generators have been taken offline due to wildfires.

You can read the press release from the ISO here.

Without significant conservation efforts, the ISO is planning for potential rotating power outages throughout the state this evening. We strongly encourage everyone to conserve energy as much as possible during the peak demand period from 2 pm to 9 pm.

Here are some suggestions to help you prepare:

  • Pre-cool your home if you are using air conditioning, then set the thermostat for 78 degrees (if health permits).
  • Charge electric vehicles and other equipment outside the peak demand hours.
  • Turn off unnecessary lights and unplug electronics.

For more suggestions, visit the CPAU website here.

Thank you for doing your part to help our community!


The City of Palo Alto Utilities