2017 Development Services Year End Director's Update

Department Updates

The purpose of this update is to give the reader a progress report of the efforts being pursued at the Development Services Department.  The “Development Services Department Updates” Newsletter serves as an internal communication tool as well as a progress report to all of our stakeholders in and outside the City.  Each group within the umbrella of Development Services serves to provide a brief update of their activities related to the mission and vision of this Department.  These accomplishments stem from the 2017 Action Plan which can be found on our Development Services Webpage. 

2017 Development Services Year End

Director's Update

Dear Development Community and Stakeholders.

The end of the year is upon us and time for another year end wrap up.  These newsletters are our way of keeping all of our stakeholders engaged and in tune with all the improvements we have made in the Development Services Department.  Having representatives from planning, public works, utilities and fire in addition to our teams comprised of building plan checkers, green building coordinators, project coordinators, and administrative staff, requires we have regular communication. 

We use this newsletter to communicate internally as well as externally so that everyone is kept abreast of our work here in this matrixed department.  We are proud to represent the needs and interests of the development community that includes everything from the simple kitchen remodels to a complex multi-use building project in the City’s urban core.  We ensure projects comply with all the rules and regulations of the various departments of the City while trying to keep the process predictable, efficient, and transparent.  We also are the shepherds of many of the regulations that dictate how construction and related work reflects the character and goals of the City Council and community.

In 2017 we have had major milestones that helped us get closer to those goals.  We started the year, as we do every year, with a retreat/strategy session setting the goals for the year.  Click here for the 2017 Action Plan. We then published quarterly updates that relate to those goals, and finally produce a summary of the year with this year-end report.  For a summary of all of our Quarterly reports for 2017 please follow these links for Q1 2017, Q2 2017, Q3 2017, and finally Q4 2017 .  In summary the areas we focused most heavily on in 2017 were the following: 

  • Implementing the new building and energy codes
  • Working closely with the Sustainability team to meet the goals of the Sustainability and Climate Action Plan
  • Completing our new comprehensive fee study and reserve policy
  • Preparing our seismic study
  • Releasing new technology enhancements
  • Documenting process improvements
  • Filling staff vacancies
  • Hosting green building training
  • Championing energy efficiency studies
  • Relocating the development services admin, building inspectors, and fire inspectors
  • Continuing our commitment to on-time plan review and next day inspections
  • Improvement of our Construction Debris/ Demolition program initiatives
  • Enhancement of our website
  • Preparing for a launch of a new public notification tool for work being completed on the streets
  • And finally the completion of the refresh of the development center with new paint, a remodeled mezzanine, and some carpet replacement. 

For a more detailed breakdown and explanation of these key accomplishments please follow the links to our quarterly updates and look out for our press releases as things come up.

From our entire team at Development Services we wish you success in 2018 and look forward to partnering with you on your next project.

Best Wishes.

Dr. Peter Pirnejad

Development Services Director

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