Introducing Calbright College

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Contact: Taylor Huckaby
Phone: 916.524.8873

Calbright College launches brand identity, website at special event in Oakland

President and CEO Heather Hiles announced the brand identity and website launch of California's first fully online statewide community college, Calbright, this evening at a special event hosted by Lake Chalet restaurant in Oakland.

Representatives from local elected officials' offices, the Foundation for California Community Colleges, SEIU, CSEA, and the California Community College Board of Governors attended the launch.

"Today's a big day. We spent a lot of time searching and gathering input for a name and logo that provides a sense of aspiration and place, something Californians could be proud of," said President Hiles. "Launching alongside faculty and staff who brought their best ideas to this project brings me enormous pride. All the ideas presented tonight and work our team has put into Calbright will go to serve folks who need better jobs and deserve greater opportunities than they've been stuck with."

The launch coincided with recognition of Calbright's IDEO Reimagine Online Learning Challenge winners. The challenge gathered the best ideas for how to implement online-focused education offerings from community college faculty, staff, and students from all over California. Funding for this challenge and the initial branding and demographic research was provided as part of a $2.38 million grant from the Walmart Foundation.

The logo design and college name were developed by Bay Area graphic design and branding company Barretto-Co., in concert with Calbright and its Board of Trustees. The name was a favorite among focus groups which included representatives from the population Calbright aims to serve – working adults between the ages of 25 and 34.

Calbright College is the first fully online California community college. It is the 115th college statewide, and encompasses its own special district. It was championed by Governor Jerry Brown and California Community College chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley as a way to reach adult learners left behind in stagnant careers, for whom traditional education offerings don't work due to pressures such as elder care, parenthood, and multiple jobs.

Calbright's education offerings are centered around Competency Based Education (CBE), which breaks down specific jobs into the hard and soft skills required to succeed in each position. Calbright partners with employers to help break down open positions into these competencies, then uses a blended model of online instruction and in-person mentoring to prepare people for job readiness on day one after demonstrating mastery.

While enrollment hasn't yet begun, the first beta cohort of learners to take advantage of Calbright's course offerings is set to begin October 1st of this year, with three tracks available for learners to choose from: general IT, cybersecurity, and medical coding.

Calbright will complement the existing 114 community colleges around the state, and directly compete with predatory, for-profit corporations that seek to exploit learners rather than build them up.