Supervisor Kate Sears invites you to attend Housing Element Workshops scheduled soon

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Supervisor Kate Sears announces the 2014-2023 Housing Element process with ways to stay informed and get involved.

Question: But wait, didn’t we just finish with the 2007-2014 Housing Element process and have it certified by the State? What’s the rush now?

Although Marin County submitted its Housing Element midway through the ’07-’14 cycle, the State sent it back for further work identifying acceptable sites. As a result, Marin County re-submitted its 2007-2014 Housing Element in October of 2013, and it was certified by the State in January 2014.

So, here we are at the start of the next Housing Element cycle. If the County submits a plan for the 2014-2023 cycle by January 31, 2015 and receives State certification, future housing element cycles will be extended to 8 years rather than just 4, a benefit to the County.

There are many opportunities for public engagement during the current Housing Element cycle. Five community workshops will take place in April and May (see schedule at link below). The Planning Commission will hold hearings in July-August, and the Board of Supervisors will schedule hearings in the fall of 2014 to meet the January 2015 deadline. You are welcome to attend all of these meetings.

Question: How do I keep up with this Housing Element cycle and what’s happening in my neighborhood and community?

There are many ways to stay informed and to participate in the process.

The Housing Element 2014-2023 flyer (attached) includes:

  • Community Workshop details (5 total throughout the County)
  • links to the updated housing website
  • the 2014 Housing Survey
  • e-mail subscription list
  • Marin County housing staff contact information

Many thanks for getting involved!