Supervisor Kate Sears with an invitation to the Marin Transit 219/219f service update at Strawberry Recreation

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Dear Residents of Strawberry,

Here is a meeting at Strawberry Recreation you may wish to attend about the current service and proposed changes to the 219/219f, including potential removal of service from Belvedere Drive. The Marin Transit board will consider these changes at its March 17th Board meeting. Thanks for your attention.

Sincerely, Kate Sears

Route 219/219f evaluation and service change recommendations

Marin Transit has recently completed its review of the first six month of service on the transit route changes that occurred last August and will be presenting the preliminary findings and recommendations in Tiburon and Strawberry in advance of the March 17, 2014 Marin Transit Board Meeting. The review evaluated ridership performance, schedule adherence, and rider feedback in determining recommendations for schedule and alignment changes.

The initial recommendations for Route 219/219f focus on expanding coverage of the route to better connect to regional and airporter transit serves at the Seminary Bus Pad along Highway 101 and a slight expansion of evening service. Service frequencies are expected to stay between 30-40 minutes and all stops except Ricardo Road and Belvedere Drive in Strawberry will continue to have service. NOTE: The proposed alignment adjustments would remove the service from Belvedere Drive in Strawberry. For more information on these changes, please attend the upcoming presentation, email or call Marin Transit for more information.


Strawberry Recreation Board Meeting

Location: Strawberry Recreation Center (1st floor meeting room), 118 East Strawberry Drive

Date: March 12, 2014

Time: 5:45 PM (transit presentation to occur prior to actual Recreation Board Meeting)

Phone: 415.226.0855