Board Actions and Issues for March 2013

Marin County Supervisor Kate Sears Photo

Highlights of the Marin County Board of Supervisors’ March Agendas 

Courtesy of Supervisor Kate Sears, the following provides a list of selected highlights from the most recent Board meetings and is not meant to be an exhaustive list. 

Board of Supervisors’ meetings were held on March 12th, 19th and 26th. There was no meeting on March 5th. The next Board meeting will be Tuesday, April 2nd and that agenda is posted on the website. Please go to the Cyberagenda for a complete archive of agendas, meeting videos, and staff reports, as well as other attachments.

In addition to the three board meetings in March, the Board also held three days of budget hearings in preparation for Fiscal Year 2013-14, which begins on July 1st. The Board of Supervisors adopted the final budget adjustments necessary to give us a structurally balanced budget and there are no layoffs planned in FY 13-14.  One of the major themes of our budget hearings was the sincere appreciation that the Board and our department heads have for our employees for all of their efforts during the restructuring process of the last five years. Because of successful implementation of our strategic planning and reorganization, we have achieved our fiscal goal and the independent bond rating agency Moody’s gave us a rating upgrade to AAA this Monday, making Marin County one of only two California counties with a AAA rating. 


Highlights of the March 12th, 2013 Board Meeting policy agenda: 

Resolution Honoring the Importance of Education

At the request of my colleagues Arnold and Adams, the Board passed a resolution recognizing the Importance of Education, and I would like to highlight a few of the key points. Marin County has long embraced the “Three E’s” – Economy, Environment and Equity. With this resolution, the Board added a fourth E: Education, making it a priority where applicable, supporting initiatives such as universal access to pre-school; enriched curriculum and academic assistance programs in all schools; all high schools provide a college preparatory curriculum for all students; supporting disadvantaged students to aim for college through mentoring, scholarships and outreach; quality nutrition; summer enrichment programs. Despite our relative wealth in this county and the overall emphasis on education that many take for granted, there are still enormous inequities here in Marin.

Need more info? See the draft resolution on education


Presentation from the Novato Youth Council

This was a compelling presentation by members of the Novato Youth Council: “Through the Lens of Youth: Transforming the Culture of Underage Drinking in Novato, a Youth-Led Photo – Voice Exhibit”.


Appointments for Various Boards & Commissions

Isis Spinola-Schwartz was appointed to the Strawberry Design Review Board.


Highlights of the March 19th, 2013 Board Meeting policy agenda:


Resolution Commending the Sausalito Woman’s Club on its 100th Anniversary

At my request, the Board passed this resolution commending the SWC for a century of community service, including $700,000 in scholarships to Sausalito and Marin City students, civic engagement on services to women and children, conservation, and the arts.


Appointments for Various Boards & Commissions

Linda Rames was reappointed to Flood Control Zone 3 Advisory Board for Richardson’s Bay. Juanita Edwards of Marin City was appointed to the Human Rights Commission.


Highlights of the March 26th, 2013 Board Meeting policy agenda:


Honoring the Tamalpais High School Baseball and Softball Teams

At my request, the Board adopted a resolution commending the Tamalpais High School Baseball Team in recognition of its recent trip to Cuba.

Need more info? See the resolution honoring the athletes


Creation of Measure A Oversight Committee

At the request of Marin County Parks, the Board adopted a resolution creating a Community Oversight Committee for the purpose of reviewing the expenditure of Measure A funds and to take other actions related to the creation of the committee. There will be more information about this in the coming months.

Need more info? See the report on Measure A oversight


Appointments for Various Boards & Commissions

John Logan, General Manager of the Marin City Community Services District, was appointed to the Financial Audit Advisory Committee, representing Special Districts on this committee. William Canada was appointed to County Service Area 29 – Paradise Cay.