District 3 Update - Tennessee Valley Multiuse Pathway Construction

County of Marin - Supervisor Sears


Supervisor Kate Sears here with an update on Marin County’s progress on the Tennessee Valley Multiuse Pathway construction.


The Tennessee Valley Multiuse Pathway project is moving along! 


The first section from Marin Avenue to Shoreline Highway, as well as the pedestrian bridge over Coyote Creek, was finished in June. This timing couldn’t have been better; it was completed just in time to help usher in the Tamalpais Community Services District’s successful and popular Creekside Friday series of live music concerts with dinners.


For the section downstream (east) of Shoreline Highway, the contractor has installed about half of the vibrated piles.  They have installed about 20% of the boardwalk, and have graded for the at-grade asphalt path near the hotel.  Due to the presence of clapper rail as a protected species in this wetland area, this section was not started until early September, and should be finished up by November 28, weather permitting. 


The electrical subcontractor is currently installing foundations for the traffic signal poles at the Tennessee Valley Road/Shoreline Highway intersection.  The poles are on-site, and should be erected by the end of October. 


Overall, the construction should be complete, and the path open for bicycles and pedestrians in early December, with the contractor addressing punch list items in December.


We look forward to keeping you updated. Call the office at 473-7331 if you have questions.