Caltrans paving project on Shoreline and Tam Junction traffic light status


Supervisor Kate Sears here with updates: Caltrans paving project on Shoreline and Tam Junction traffic light status


Dear residents of Tam Valley and the Gateway:


Here a 2 information updates for you. Please feel free to share them with your friends and neighbors.


1) Caltrans Shoreline Highway paving project update


Caltrans had some scheduling issues so the operation was stopped and rescheduled to next week.


Paving will start again the night of Sunday Oct 7. The contractor will need about 4 nights for that work, then will need an additional 2 weeks after the paving for clean up work (such as traffic count loops, shoulder backing, a.c. dikes, and striping). 


(i) All this work is done at night under two-way traffic control with a flagger.


(ii) The work is also weather dependent and may push out the schedule, if it rains or gets really cool.


(iii) At this point with the above timelines, work is projected to be completed by the end of October.


NOTE: To contact Caltrans with questions or concerns, please contact the Public Information Officer, Steve Williams @ 510- 286-6195.


2) Tam Junction Traffic light status at Flamingo and Shoreline and Tennessee Valley Road and Shoreline Highway


The following is the status of both projects:


Tennessee Valley Signal

This project has had some utility issues that have taken some time to resolve. Foundations are going in this week, poles will be erected next week, and the signal should be operational by the end of October.


Flamingo Road Signal

Coordination with Caltrans on getting the approval of poles/mast-arms/pedestrian push buttons/etc has taken longer than anticipated. The County is working with Caltrans to expedite the process. We anticipate the signal to be installed and operational by December.


We have a final striping plan for the intersection. The final striping calls for an exclusive northbound right turn lane from Flamingo to Shoreline and a shared lane for thru and left turn traffic to Shoreline.


Thanks for your attention to these updates.


As always, call my office at 473-7331 if we can be of help. Or, send a message to my Aide, Maureen Parton at




Kate Sears

Supervisor, Southern Marin