Current Board Actions and Issues

Current Board Actions and Issues
Highlights of the Marin County Board of Supervisors Agenda



Courtesy of Supervisor Kate Sears, the following provides a list of selected highlights from the Board agenda, and is not meant to be an exhaustive list of the entire agenda.  Please visit the Cyberagenda for copies of complete agendas as well as copies of reports and archived videos, minutes, agendas and staff reports.

This Week: June 12th Recap:


Board Recognizes Marin Community Clinics 40th Anniversary and Summer Solstice 2012 honorees

At the request of Supervisor Adams, the Board adopted resolutions recognizing the 40th anniversary of the Marin Community Clinics as well as honorees of this organization’s Summer Solstice 2012 celebration. Marin Community Clinics provides a vital link for thousands of uninsured and low-income women, men, and children in Marin County who cannot afford health insurance or private health care. Each year, this organization holds a summer solstice celebration at which they honor exceptional Marin residents for their assistance to the program.  This year, honorees include Kevin Harrington, M.D., and Bobbie Wunsch, M.B.A.


See the resolutions or the Community Clinics’ website


In-Home Supportive Services Annual Report Adopted

The Board adopted the In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Annual Report for Marin County.  IHSS is a program that provides services to seniors, the disabled, or the blind in order to enable them to remain safely in their own home.


See the Report


San Rafael SMART Train Station Designs Reviewed

At 11:30, the Board heard a report from the City of San Rafael regarding several San Rafael station development alternatives for the Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) train. After hearing the presentation and testimony from the public, the Board directed staff to craft a letter for distribution to the City of San Rafael on issues related to parking, bus access, and other site-design issues.  


See the report


Board Honors Tom MacDonald

At the request of Supervisor Arnold, the Board adopted a resolution honoring Tom MacDonald for his dedicated service representing Marin County’s interests on the North Coast Railroad Authority (NCRA) Board of Directors since October, 2007.  His keen understanding of finances and his background as an accountant proved to be an invaluable asset to the NCRA, as well as Marin County.


Bay Creek Development Project Denied

In the afternoon, the Board heard a presentation on the merits of the Bay Creek Development proposal, located at 650 North San Pedro Road in San Rafael. The project includes the proposed subdivision of five existing lots into a total of 12 residential lots. The project was previously reviewed by the Planning Commission on November 28, 2011, where it was found to be inconsistent with pertinent land use regulations.  After hearing public testimony and discussion, the Board voted unanimously to certify the project’s Final Environmental Impact.  The Board also voted 4-1 to deny the proposed rezoning without prejudice so that the applicant may reapply within the next year with a revised proposal without incurring additional fees. 


See the Staff Report


Previews - Upcoming Items of the Board meeting on June 19th:


Support for Legislation Banning “hounding” to be Considered

At the request of Supervisor Sears, the Board will consider adopting a letter and resolution of support for Senate Bill 1221, which would prohibit the cruel and inhumane "hounding" of bears and bobcats with packs of dogs.  “Hounding” of bears is already illegal in 14 other states with similar hunting traditions to California, including Oregon, Washington, and Montana.  Bobcat hounding is illegal in 13 states.


See the draft letter or resolution


Always Fresh, Fun, and Local: 2012 County Fair Update

The Board will hear a brief informational presentation and update on plans for the 2012 Marin County Fair.  This year’s fair provides a celebration of Marin’s vibrant agricultural community through the theme: Always Fresh, Fun, and Local.


See the full report


Revised Employee Benefits and One-Time Payments to be Considered

The Board will hear a request to approve a revised employee Benefits Plan and authorize one-time payments to non-represented employees, comparable to those benefits that were previously authorized for represented employees. 


See the Full Report


Change to Speed Limit on Portions of Panoramic Highway to be Considered

Should the speed limit on portions of Panoramic Highway be changed? That’s the question the Board will be asked to consider.  Based upon data provided by County engineers, staff is recommending that the speed limit be reduced from 45mph to 40mph on a section of the road near Sequoia Valley Road.


See the Full Report