County of Marin District 3 Newsletter Update - Marinnovation 2012

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Supervisor Kate Sears says get the innovation solution by attending Marinnovation 2012! This celebration is brought to you by the Marin Economic Forum and Venture Greenhouse, working to catalyze innovation and sustainable economic opportunities.

Please read here for details! Thanks for your support. Check out for more information.

Marinnovation 2012

A Celebration of Entrepreneurs, Designers, & Inventors in Marin 

Thursday, May 17 ● 4:00 - 7:00pm

30 Castro Avenue ● San Rafael, CA 94901


With its awesome natural beauty and creative population, Marin County is a nexus for innovation, design and entrepreneurship. Marinnovation highlights Marin's vibrant, creative culture and showcases the innovations, technologies, and ventures that are developing here right now. Marinnovation, co-produced by Marin Economic Forum and Venture Greenhouse, marks Marin's emergence from the shadow of Silicon Valley to shine as a catalyst for new ideas, cutting edge technologies and sustainable economic development.

Marinnovation 2012 features:

  • Speakers
    • Robert Hohman, CEO of Glassdoor
    • Dan Moshavi, Dean of Dominican's School of Business and Leadership
    • Rob Eyler, Interim CEO of Marin Economic Forum
    • John Stayton, Director of Venture Greenhouse
  • Up to 40 local businesses showcased through a combination of table displays and posters
  • Networking for investors, entrepreneurs, business professionals, city and county officials, and anyone else interested in innovation and entrepreneurship in Marin
  • Industry dialogue tables
  • Food and beverages

For information and free registration, please visit