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Our community needs you! Our Boards and Commissions rely on civic-minded residents to help guide and shape our policies. If you have been thinking about getting engaged, check out these openings. If you are thinking about getting involved and aren't sure, I invite you to reach out to my office. My aides would be happy to connect you with opportunities to get involved in the community or with subject matter experts who can tell you more about these boards and commissions. 

Marin County Civil Grand Jury

The Marin County Civil Grand Jury is accepting applications. The Grand Jury is made up of nineteen members and are appointed each year for a one year term. The Grand Jury performs an important function in citizen oversight of county government. It investigates, monitors and reports on the performance of local government entities, including County of Marin departments; water, school, and fire districts; and other special districts. 



The Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

The Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Commission oversees implementation of the Marin County Integrated Pest Management policy and plan, and advises and makes recommendations to the IPM Coordinator and Board of Supervisors. This Commission meets on the fourth Friday of January, April, July and October.



Marin County Planning Commission

The Planning Commission serves as an advisory body to the Board of Supervisors on planning policies and regulations and also renders decisions on appeals of planning permits. The Planning Commission makes its decisions and recommendations at public hearings generally heard at 1:00 pm on the second and fourth Mondays of the month. 



Marin County Service Area #18 - Las Gallinas: 

County Service Area (CSA) 18 was created to provide local park and recreation facilities and services in Santa Venetia. The Advisory Board provides recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on issues impacting neighborhood parks like Adrian-Rosal, Castro Park, Pueblo Park, and Candy's Park. Please note you must reside within the CSA to serve on the board. If you are interested and want to learn more about CSA 18, please get in touch with Jim Chayka, Superintendent of Marin County Parks, at



Marin County Service Area #6 - Gallinas Creek:

County Service Area (CSA) 6 was created to raise funds for periodic dredging of the Gallinas Creek, allow for recreational boating, and include a smaller channel around Santa Margarita Island. The creek was dredged in 1966, 1973, 1981, and 1992-1994. The CSA is currently working on a geomorphic dredge of the creek. Please note you must reside within the CSA to serve on the board. If you're interested in getting involved, please contact Roger Leventhal, Senior Engineer with the Marin County Department of Public Works Flood Control team, at



Flood Zone #6 (Rafael Meadows)

Flood Zone 6 was created in the 1960’s to address frequent flooding in the low-lying neighborhood just west of Highway 101 across from the County Civic Center. The Zone occupies a very small part of the Gallinas Creek Watershed. It is also the County's smallest flood control zone. It covers only 0.16 square mile entirely within the City of San Rafael. The neighborhood was unincorporated when the Zone was established, but was annexed by City of San Rafael. The City now owns and maintains the Zone’s drainage easements. There are 440 parcels in the Zone. In the early 2000s, construction of a new subdivision rerouted stormwater infrastructure around the community. This eliminated a significant cause of flooding in the zone. Please note you must reside within the Flood Zone to serve on the board. 



Marin LAFCo

Marin LAFCo works to balance orderly development with efficient governmental services with the sometimes competing interests of discouraging urban sprawl and preserving open space and prime agricultural lands. LAFCo conducts municipal service reviews to independently evaluate the availability, need, and performance of local governmental services relative to current and future community needs. Marin LAFCo has two public member seats open for recruitment. Appointments are made by Marin LAFCo. To learn more, please contact



Disaster and Citizen Corp Council

The Disaster Council reviews and evaluates disaster preparedness progress in the public and private sectors; promote disaster preparedness through communication and education; harness the power of every resident through education and outreach, training and volunteer service to make their families, homes and communities safer from natural and/or man-made disasters or emergencies; and, report biannually to the Board of Supervisors.



Transportation Authority of Marin Citizen's Oversight Committee - Alternate

The Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM) is accepting applications for alternates in its Citizens’ Oversight Committee. The alternate would represent Major Marin Employers, Central Marin Planning Area, Northern Marin Planning Area, Southern Marin Planning Area, West Marin Planning Area, Bicyclist & Pedestrian Groups, Marin County Paratransit Coordinating Council, and School Districts. While all voting member seats are filled, input and support from the alternate seats are important to TAM and our communities.



Participatory Budgeting Opportunity

The County of Marin is making $2.5 million available to the public, and you decide how to spend it. Through participatory budgeting anyone over 14 years old can share ideas. Ideas can be "capital" projects - building, installing, or repairing something for public benefit, such as renovating a public basketball court or purchasing new computers for a library. Your idea can also be a community program for public benefit, such as a mental health program for youth or a racial equity program for schools. Follow the link below to learn more!



Serving on Boards and Commissions is a great way to learn about local government and improve our community. We want your participation and to hear from you on these important issues. 

Please stay in touch, 

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