County of Marin District 3 Newsletter Update and Correction on the GGNRA Dog Walking Survey

Dear District Three Subscribers,

On Monday 2/27 we forwarded a survey from GGNRA to everyone on our list inviting them to participate in a survey of dog walking habits and preferences in Marin County. The survey is designed to gauge what changes and impacts might occur if the various proposals in the Dog Management Plan are implemented, in other words: what will the impacts be to surrounding parks and open space if GGNRA closes or partially closes its lands to dogs.

What was not at all clear when the Park Service sent the survey to us was that it was not to be forwarded, so please accept our apologies for the confusion.

We have been in contact with the National Park Service/GGNRA and we want to share some more details with you. For those who are not familiar with this, the Park Service has proposed to strictly curtail and limit access for dogs on the GGNRA lands. More information, including all of the proposed changes and the Draft Environmental Impact Report, can be found at:

The survey was sent out to approximately 7000 people in the Bay Area (not just Marin) who are on their Dog Management Stakeholder list. Because the Park Service is a Federal agency, there are restrictions on surveys in parks and they must first receive approval from the Office of Management and Budget in Washington, DC. This is why the survey was limited and could not be forwarded – they only had approval to send the survey to their existing email list and it was not intended for the general public.  

That said, you can still get involved and make your opinions heard. You can have your name added to their email list by sending your contact information to:

Shirwin Smith
Management Assistant
Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Ft. Mason, Building 201
San Francisco, CA 94123

415-561-4947 (o)


There will be further public comment solicited in the Fall of 2012 and on Rule Making in the Spring of 2013.

For further questions, please call 415 561-4728.  They promise to get back to callers right away.


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