February 22, 2022

Supervisor Katie Rice 

February 22, 2022

Sharing below updates on two important issues recently considered by the Board of Supervisors: specifically, Project Homekey at South Eliseo, and Parks Measure A Renewal. I also want to take a moment to thank all of you who have contacted me over the past several months on either topic. Your comments and opinions help me understand the variety of perspectives and concerns out in the community. As is the case with most controversial matters, while we may not always be in full agreement, there is always room to consider modifications, incorporate a new idea, inform next steps. Thank you for taking the time to call, or email, or provide testimony at a meeting.

South Eliseo Project Homekey Moves Forward

Following a lengthy public hearing on February 15, the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved acceptance of the State Homekey Grant award which will support the acquisition, rehabilitation, and conversion of the former convalescent home at 1251 South Eliseo Site into permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless men and women. Episcopal Community Services (ECS) is the subrecipient of this grant and will be owning and operating the facility including providing client care, services, property maintenance, security, etc.

Over the past several months, I’ve participated in multiple community zooms, met with individual stakeholder groups, received over 500 emails, and listened to testimony at several public hearings. While there has been a range of perspectives both supportive and in opposition to the project, safety concerns have dominated the public discourse. Hence the importance of working in partnership with the City of Larkspur, neighbors, community stakeholders to identify ways to address concerns and provide greater assurance of safety for everyone.

To that end, a Community Advisory Group (CAG) has been formed to work directly with my office, key stakeholders and nearby residents and community members to provide input on physical and programmatic aspects of the project, to develop recommendations for actions to address safety and accountability concerns, and to facilitate greater transparency and communication with the larger community. The CAG currently includes seven residents from the immediate Eliseo neighborhood, ECS and County staff, members from the Larkspur City Council, Kentfield School District Board of Trustees, Kentfield Schools Safe Routes Task Force, Marin County Parks, the Marin County Sheriff’s Office, and the Central Marin Police Authority. At last week’s hearing, I requested that the group be expanded to include two more Larkspur residents appointed by the City Council, and two Kentfield community members to ensure broad representation on the committee.

Tackling homelessness in Marin County is not a one-project, one community, or one Supervisor issue. We’ve made significant progress since 2016 when the county in partnership with cities and towns, housing, and service providers, aligned our efforts around a Housing First strategy to end chronic homelessness. We have found or created housing for over 400 individuals since that time. With a roof over their heads, supportive services close at hand, 95% have successfully maintained their housing, are working to restore their health, their general well-being, and importantly regaining a sense of dignity. The South Eliseo project will allow Marin to take another huge step forward to ending chronic homelessness in Marin. I look forward to working with neighbors, community stakeholders, the City of Larkspur and ECS on ensuring this project operates safely, and successfully integrates into the community at large.

Visit www.1251seliseo.com to learn more and sign up for updates. Also view the recent press release.

Parks Measure A Renewal on June Ballot

County voters will be asked to weigh in on the renewal of Parks Measure A -- a nine-year, quarter-cent sales tax that supports County parks and open space, augments city and town parks and recreation budgets, and provides funding to ensure sustainability of Marin’s family farms, agricultural economy, and local foodshed.

At our meeting this week, the Board unanimously supported adoption of a resolution to put the tax measure on the June ballot with a few changes from the 2021 measure. The revised plan includes a baseline expenditure for fire fuel reduction work in County parks and preserves and diversifies the existing farmland preservation program beyond grants for agriculture easement to funding support for a host of land stewardship, sustainability, and climate resilience work on ag lands.

Measure A has been an important funding source for Marin County Parks over the past nine years allowing the agency to address a backlog of deferred maintenance, supported critical sea level rise adaptation projects, trail improvements, expanded access to the trail system, and protected and restored natural habitat. Measure A has also furthered our equity efforts reducing financial barriers, expanding programming and access to parks for lower income residents who might not otherwise choose, or be able to visit Marin Parks and Open Space preserves.

My thanks to all who participated in the Measure A renewal discussion. I look forward to working with you on the campaign ahead! Learn more about Parks and Measure A at www.marincountyparks.org and view the presentation from last week’s Board meeting.

COVID Update – Do I Need to Wear a Mask?

California’s universal masking mandate lifted last week and now the need for using masks indoors has changed throughout the state. People who are unvaccinated must continue to wear a face covering while in indoor public spaces and in certain indoor settings everyone, regardless of vaccination status, must mask up before entering. Still not sure how to navigate the current covid rules? See below for a visual display to help make it easier to understand.  And stay tuned as there will likely be further changes in the weeks ahead. 

COVID Mask guidelines

Learn more about the current guidance for the Use of Face Masks in California by visiting the California Department of Public Health's webpage. Visit the County’s COVID site for additional information.



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