Talus LLC Update, December 3, 2021

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Dear Community Members,

I want to update you on the Talus project. A series of water tanks have been placed on the site raising questions and community interest. My office has been in constant communication with County staff, the community, and heard from the developer as well.

In 2009, the Oakview Vesting Tentative Map and Precise Development Plan were approved, which authorized the Talus Reserve parcel to be developed. Earlier this year, the developer was granted a permit allowing for mass grading associated with the twenty-eight lot subdivision. Future permits will be issued for the installation of the infrastructure and roads. The mass grading permit is active through December 15, 2021.

The developer is still working to winterize the site. Winterizing the site includes activities to stabilize the site and to provide and maintain stormwater protection measures through the rainy season. A property owner is always responsible for preventing stormwater pollution, regardless of permit status or whether or not a project requires permitting. Talus’ mass grading permit is subject to both County’s erosion and sediment control requirements and the State Water Resources Control Board’s stormwater runoff standards.

The developer has applied a series of measures to winterize the site and found that more extensive measures are necessary to control the stormwater runoff. The developer reports that they are installing a water treatment system known as an Active Treatment System (ATS). The ATS is made up of a series of water tanks that serve to remove sediment from the water before it leaves the site. The developer reports that they are implementing the ATS to comply with State Water Resources Control Board mandates to ensure that stormwater that leaves the site meets water quality standards in order to minimize potential impacts to the watershed and surrounding community.

PG&E representatives were on-site Thursday, December 2, and met with County staff and the contractor placing the ATS.

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The developer stated that the ATS system is expected to be fully operational within the first two weeks of December. He further indicated that installation of the ATS will complete the winterization work and that no additional work is expected to take place on-site this winter except for inspection and maintenance of the stormwater pollution protection measures.

Permits for installation of utilities and extension of Erin Dr. are expected to be issued next spring once all required documents have been submitted to DPW and reviewed.

I will continue to meet with community members. Please feel free to give my office a call. We are also in regular contact with County staff and the developer to address the community's concerns. I will provide information and updates as appropriate. I welcome hearing from you.



Damon Connolly

District 1, Marin County Board of Supervisors

3501 Civic Center Drive, Suite 329, San Rafael, CA 94903


For general inquiries or requests regarding grading activity, you can email DPWTalusGP@marincounty.org.

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