County of Marin District 3 Newsletter Update - Public Comment Invited on the Sustainable Communities Strategy

Supervisor Kate Sears is pleased to share the following update:

Plan Bay Area is the next step in a natural progression of decades of regional planning. As our population is expected to grow from about 7 million in 2011 to approximately 9 million in 2040, we need make local and regional decisions that affect transportation, housing and land use in order to sustain Marin’s and the Bay Area’s quality of life for current and future generations.

Plan Bay Area grew out of California’s 2008 Senate Bill 375 (Steinberg), which requires each of the state’s 18 metropolitan areas to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from cars and light trucks. This is important because the transportation sector represents about 40 percent of the GHG pollution that scientists say is causing climate change.

Under SB 375 each region must develop a Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) that promotes compact, mixed-use commercial and residential development that is walkable and bikable and close to mass transit, jobs, schools, shopping, parks, recreation and other amenities. If successful, Plan Bay Area will give people more transportation choices, create more livable communities and reduce the pollution that causes climate change.

Plan Bay Area is providing an additional opportunity for the community to comment on the Sustainable Communities Strategy. The survey is similar in content to what was offered at the January 17 SCS Public Workshop (SCS). Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts at this survey link:

 It takes about 20 minutes to complete the survey. Here is an outline of what you'll find on the survey site:

 Step 1 – Introductory Video: Plan Bay Area: Priorities and Tradeoffs

Step 2 – Your Support for Plan Bay Area—Survey

Step 3 – Video: Transportation Priorities: How would YOU invest?

Step 4 – Transportation Tradeoffs—Survey

 Step 5 – Quality of Complete Communities Slide Show

Step 6 – Quality of Complete Communities—Survey

Step 7 – Video: Scenarios Analysis: Opportunities for Transportation and Land Use

Step 8 – The S.F Bay Area – 2040—Survey

 Step 9 – Demographic Survey and Final Comments—Survey

 Please pass this information along to other community members who may want to comment on the SCS. Surveys should be completed by February 15.

 You may direct general questions or comments to


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