June 1, 2021

Supervisor Katie Rice 

Approaching “Normal”

June 1, 2021

We are almost there!

With 87% of all eligible residents (ages 12 and up) having received at least one dose of vaccine and 74% fully immunized, Marin County not only has the highest vaccination rate in the state but also in the nation. Marin’s progress in closing in on “community immunity” cuts across age-group, ethnicity, and socio-economic status. My thanks to everyone for their efforts throughout the pandemic in adhering to shelter-in-place orders, masking, social distancing, and now getting vaccinated. As a result, many restrictions have been eased to date, and we can look to a return to near “normal” on June 15 when almost all restrictions will be lifted locally and statewide.

Wildfire Prevention and Preparedness

It’s been just over a year since voters approved Measure C creating the Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority (MWPA). The new agency officially launched in July of 2020 with a work plan that included an aggressive education program, countywide property evaluations, neighborhood chipper days, fire-fuel reduction projects, evacuation mapping, technology improvements, and more. See the MWPA 2020 Workplan for more detail and a regional breakdown of the various projects underway.

To get you started on your own wildfire prevention and preparedness efforts, I encourage you to attend the upcoming (June 2) FireSafe “Wildfire Preparedness Community Workshop: Central Marin” (funded by the MWPA). This comprehensive workshop will cover a variety of topics including wildfire science, defensible space, home hardening basics, community preparedness, personal preparedness and evacuations. There will be panel discussion and opportunity for Q&A. Todd Lando, Central Marin Fire Department Wildfire Hazard Mitigation Specialist will be moderating the June 2 event. Todd is a great speaker, an expert on all things wildfire, and he knows the Ross Valley -- the people, the place, and our own particular wildfire history as well as challenges -- like no one else.

“Wildfire Preparedness Community Workshop: Central Marin”

Wednesday, June 2, 2021 from 5:00pm-7:30pm.

Join on Facebook live stream or Zoom here: https://firesafemarin.zoom.us/j/81659676635 

Drought Emergency Declared

On May 17, following receipt of a report from Marin Water (formerly Marin Municipal Water District) and North Marin Water on drought conditions and current water supply levels, the Marin County Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution declaring a local emergency due to drought. This formal declaration acknowledges the extent and impacts of the drought in Marin and makes Marin eligible for California Disaster Assistance and other forms of state funding and resources to mitigate drought impacts. It also provides temporarily new authorities to aid response and recovery efforts available to the County, water suppliers, farmers, impacted businesses and residents. 

Marin Water supplies water for most of central and southern Marin including all of District 2. Under its own declaration of water shortage emergency, it has enacted mandatory conservation measures. The goal of the mandatory restrictions is to achieve a 40 percent reduction in water use districtwide. The Marin Water agency will be focusing on education as its primary tool for reduction goals, relying on customers to follow the rules.

Just like with the pandemic, it will take individual action across the entire community to meet the challenge posed by drought. Visit Marin Water to learn more about easy ways to reduce household and outdoor water use, water restrictions, as well as how to get free water-saving fixtures and rebates that will help you meet the water conservation goals.

As always, please feel free to contact me or my excellent staff regarding these or any other issues.

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