May 13, 2021 Update from Supervisor Connolly

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Dear Friends,

We are getting there! Seeing people again in person, dining out, and having a few social engagements on the calendar is a breath of fresh air. I love hearing “I’m vaccinated” when I see a friend on the sidewalk. Over 85% of Marin residents 16 and over have received at least one dose of the vaccine and over 72% have received their second dose. 52% of Marin’s residents 16 and over are fully immunized as of May 11. Case rates, hospitalizations, ICU beds, are all seeing a steady decline, demonstrating the positive impact of vaccines. 

Anyone who wishes to be vaccinated can make an appointment or drop by a walk-in site with a photo ID (government ID not required). Use the Vaccine Finder to find a location near you. Anyone 12 or older is now eligible to receive the vaccine.

Dr. Willis and Dr. Santora have led Marin county to one of the highest vaccination rates and lowest case rates in the State. On April 27, I was proud to work with Dominican University to present them both with honorary degrees for the dedication and service to Marin throughout the pandemic. 

As COVID-19 case rates and hospitalizations have decreased, the state is looking to move beyond the Blueprint for a Safer Economy to fully reopen our economy. On June 15, all industries across the state can return to usual operations with common-sense risk reduction measures. 

If you haven’t yet, go get your vaccine. If you have questions about the vaccine, please tune in on any Tuesday or Thursday morning at 9 am for an informational webinar presented by Marin Health and Human Services, now through May 27 to learn more about the vaccines. 

There's enough time to get a vaccine for your Fourth of July barbeque, to go to a ball game, or enjoy the summer nights while Dining Under the Lights safely. 



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Homekey 2.0

On May 11, the Office of the Governor announced a $12 billion package to confront the homelessness crisis stating, "Governor Newsom’s plan includes a massive expansion of Homekey and other similar strategies to get housing up and running quickly, investing $8.75 billion to unlock at least 46,000 new homeless housing units and affordable apartments. The plan focuses on those with the most acute needs, with at least 28,000 new beds and housing placements for clients with behavioral health needs and seniors at the highest risk of homelessness." 

In Marin, we are working hard to address homelessness with every tool at our disposal. Through the first round of Project HomeKey, Marin County acquired 63 new units of permanent supportive housing with the purchase of two buildings. Marin received approximately $8.6 million in aid for the projects. Throughout the State, $600 million was made available. The funds supported 94 projects translating to 6,029 units of permanent housing to address homelessness statewide. Marin has taken decisive action to address homelessness. It is evident that more needs to be done.

In partnership with Opening Doors, Marin has hosted 10 community information sessions. We are actively seeking interest from property owners looking to sell.

If you are interested in being part of the solution and know of a property for sale, let us know. Marin County is seeking a hotel or motel, select commercial properties, mobile home/RV parks, and other properties that could be used for interim or permanent housing. A Request for Information (RFI) is currently posted. For questions, visit the RFI page to submit questions online

We continue to look for a broad range of solutions. Recently, Supervisor Rice and I traveled with local leaders addressing homelessness to Los Guilicos Shelter Village in Sonoma County. The shelter village was a response by the County of Sonoma Board of Supervisors to over 200 people living on the Joe Rodota Trail. The site includes small shelters that provide 64 square feet of space for a bed, shelving, heater, a locking door, and electricity. The community shares laundry, bathrooms, storage, a garden, barbeques, dog runs, and a dining commons. Transportation, medical, outreach, and case management services are provided onsite. You can view the site plan below and I encourage you to watch the Los Guilicos Village video

I look forward to continuing the strategic work and dialogue that will help us to continue finding permanent solutions in Marin. In the meantime, our efforts to offer temporary housing through Project RoomKey continue

Sonoma Shelter VillageSonoma Shelter Village
Sonoma Shelter Village
Sonoma Shelter Village - GardenSonoma Shelter Village Site Plan


I’m pleased to share that Marin’s Mobile Crisis Response Team that was funded through June 2021, received funding through August 2022. The additional funding from California Health Facilities Financing Authority will allow the Mobile Crisis Team to continue the expanded hours of operations. If you or someone you know would like to learn more about what Mobile Crisis does, I invite you to check out the Mobile Crisis Response Team video

May is Mental Health Month. Throughout May, Marin County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services and our community partners are hosting a series of mental health events

BHRS Mobile Crisis



On April 20, the Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD) adopted mandatory water use restrictions. The goal is to reach a 40 percent reduction in water use throughout the district. As of May 6, we are below 50% capacity in MMWD reservoirs. At this time last year, we were at 86%, and we average 90%. You can take a look at our current water levels online. Addressing drought and wildfires is a community-wide priority. As we take a step back, we need to work together to address these challenges and the growing threat of climate change. If you would like to learn more about ways to conserve water or how to prepare for wildfire, I invite you to take a look at these resources below and the rebates available online. For ideas on actions you can take to address climate change, please see Our actions can make a difference. Choosing to power our homes with clean energy is one solution. You can choose to opt-in for Light GreenDeep Green, or Local Sol energy for your home through MCE Clean Energy

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Lucas Valley Road
The Lucas Valley Road Improvement project seeks to realign the hairpin curve on Lucas Valley Road at milepost 5.08, just east of the Big Rock trailhead. The project will significantly soften the sharp turn and improve public safety. Construction is expected to begin in mid-summer and should be completed by year-end. The Department of Public Works (DPW) and the contractor will provide advance notifications on any planned closures. You can read more about this project in this press release.

Additionally, DPW is repairing and improving sections of Upper Lucas Valley neighborhoods. The project will include grinding of deteriorated pavement, roadway base failure repairs, road resurfacing and micro surfacing, minor drainage improvements including curb and gutter upgrades. Along with the roadway improvements, sidewalks will be improved with accessibility curbs added where necessary. The project is funded through the County's Road and Bridge Rehabilitation Fund and is expected to cost $1.6 million and last four months to complete. Construction will happen during weekdays, 7 am to 5 pm with varying traffic impacts. Where Road Closures are necessary, notifications will be available to residents seven days in advance, through roads without detours will remain open. The residential intersections at Mount McKinley Road and Mount Rainier, El Capitan Drive and Mount Whitney Court, Mount Foraker Drive and El Capitan Drive, Mount Foraker Drive and Mount Foraker Court, Mount Foraker Drive and Mount Lyell Drive, Whitney Drive and Mount Foraker Drive, Mount Shasta Court and Mount Shasta Drive, and Mount Shasta Drive and Vogelsang Drive are included in the project. You can learn more through this press release.



Simple Grounds
  photo credit: Simple Grounds
I'm proud of this group of passionate Marin School of Environmental Leadership (MarinSEL) students who have founded an innovative and sustainable business, Simple Grounds. Over 80% of the coffee grounds that are used to make the energizing drinks go into landfills emitting over 1.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (and even more methane) annually. 11th-grade students run the enterprise with the goal to reduce waste and lower the carbon footprint associated with disposing of used coffee grounds. This entrepreneurial group of young leaders was inspired to find a solution.

Simple Grounds is that solution. They developed 100% organic, handmade face and body scrubs using coffee grounds from our local coffee shops. By removing waste from landfills and upcycling, Simple Grounds is making their vision real, to create an opportunity where every person in our community is able to come together and participate in sustainable practices of recycling and composting food waste for the betterment of themselves, the Earth, and future generations. Simple Grounds plans to reduce the percentage of wasted coffee grounds by 10% in Marin County by 2025. I encourage you to take a look at their website.



As schools come back to in-person teaching and commuters hit the road to the office, I want to encourage all of us to be extra vigilant. Give yourself extra time to get to your destination, slow down and scan for children on their bikes, and focus on the road. If you live close to school, encourage your children to walk or bike to class. If you live a little further out, you can park and walk partway to campus. Every bit helps to get you and our kids back to school safely.

Safe Routes to School
                                                                         photo credit: Safe Routes to Schools



The Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM) has released an employer survey providing Marin employers an opportunity to share how they are responding to the pandemic and planning for the future. As you think about the future of commuting, I invite you to take a look at these resources, Employer Remote Work Resource Kit, Tips for Remote Workers, and Walking and Bicycling Resources. Learn more at The survey can be completed in five minutes or less and is open through May 23, 2021.



Thank you for your responses to our prior surveys! As a result of your feedback, I added drought and wildfire resources to this newsletter. I appreciate the calls, emails, and survey responses. This month's survey asks about public transit. As we put our COVID response in the rearview mirror and look to recovery, I want to hear your experience with public transit and if you're planning to take a trip on a train, bus, or ferry in the near future. 

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