April 13, 2021 Update from Supervisor Connolly

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Dear Friends,

As of April 13, over 69% of Marin residents over 16 have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine, and 45% have completed their vaccine series. We are getting there! I am happy to report that I finally have my first dose. By the end of this week, residents 16 and older are eligible for a vaccine. Thank you all for your collective efforts. Marin has one of the lowest case rates in the state and one of the highest vaccination rates.

On March 24, Marin County advanced into the Orange Tier under the State’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy. We are making progress towards the Yellow Tier. As we continue to work towards fewer transmissions remember, outside is best, and we still need to maintain social distancing, facial coverings, and of course, hand washing.

The California Department of Public Health updated guidance on gatherings and events that will go into effect on April 15. If you are interested in the upcoming changes to allowable activities take a look at the State's Activity and Business Tiers document. 

On June 15, California will fully open the economy if 1) there is sufficient vaccine supply for those 16 years and older who want to be vaccinated; and 2) hospitalization rates are low and stable. Let's keep up the good work, and hope for a Fourth of July barbecue with friends.

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Vaccine Framework

Vaccine Framework

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Blueprint for Safer Economy

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Vaccine Data

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Vaccine Options


Encampments throughout Marin are a growing concern. Join the conversation and participate in a series of upcoming community forums hosted by Opening Doors Marin to talk about an upcoming Project HomeKey 2.0 opportunity. The solution to homelessness is a home. It’s simple, but it’s not easy. I invite you to read this Marin Voice article I wrote with Supervisor Rice talking about the challenges and opportunities ahead in addressing homelessness in Marin. Housing the chronically homeless is not only the humane approach, it is more cost-effective. 

Opening Doors Marin: Project HomeKey 2.0 Info Sessions
Wednesday, April 14th @ 5:00pm  Thursday, April 15th @ 8:30am 
Thursday, April 15th @ 12pm   Friday, April 16th @ 8:30am 
Monday, April 19th @ 12pm  Tuesday, April 20th @ 8:30am 
Tuesday, April 20th@ 2pm  Wednesday, April 21st @ 12pm 
Wednesday, April 21st @ 5pm   Thursday, April 22nd @ 8:30am 

Marin Voice


April 22 is Earth Day, a day that recognizes the start of the environmental movement in 1970. The global threat of a climate crisis demands an urgent response. I want to share information about some of the ongoing efforts to address climate change and sea-level rise. On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors approved a resolution supporting the formation of Drawdown:Marin as a non-profit.

Below are some projects addressing the challenges we face in Marin. I invite you to take a look at my Key Priorities and Policies page on Environmental Issues and Climate Change for a more comprehensive list of topics.

A community-driven campaign to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, prepare for climate change impacts, and meaningfully address and integrate equity. 


Climate Action Plan
In partnership with Drawdown:Marin, the Climate Action Plan charts the course to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with the ambitious goal of reaching net zero by 2045.

Resilient SR37
A multi-county initiative to plan for a more resilient Highway 37 for all. Check out the town hall with Senator Mike McGuire and Senator Bill Dodd on Thursday, April 15, 6:00 – 7:30 pm. 


Gallinas Creek Levee Project
A project to improve the Timber-Reinforced Berm that sits on top of an earthen levee to protect homes from tidal flood protection. 

China Camp State Park Road Modification Project We are working to understand the tribal cultural resources and hydrology of the tidal marsh on the possible road adaptation solutions.


McInnis Marsh Restoration Project
Restore approximately 180 acres of tidal habitat in diked historic tidelands. 


We can all take steps to protect ourselves and our neighbors from wildfires. I recently took an important step to remove fire-hazardous vegetation from my own home. We started with a full assessment of the risk and health of the plants and trees. We removed a dead pine tree that was a fire risk and posed the threat of falling on my home. Juniper is highly flammable and lined my driveway and side of my home, all of it had to be removed. In the backyard, a thicket of plants and trees needed to be pruned, trimmed and removed. The extensive work came with a $7,200 price tag but the one-time expense brings peace of mind that my largest asset is more protected. Whether you are looking to do some extensive work around your home or thinking about a few plants to add to your landscape, check out FireSafe Marin's recommendations on fire smart and fire-hazardous plants

While masks have become an everyday accessory, we know that they can become scarce when we need them most. During wildfires, N95 masks are recommended. I encourage you to take the necessary steps to get your Go Kit ready now, while N95 masks and other supplies are readily available. 

FireSafe Marin is dedicated to reducing wildland fire hazards and preparing people and homes for fires. Learn how to protect yourself, your home, and your community through evacuation and personal preparedness, home hardening, defensible space, and community preparedness online. Check out FireSafe Marin's Evacuation and Warnings: How to Survive a Wildfire video answering common questions about evacuation routes, preparation, situational awareness, and more.

Firescaping Firescaping Firescaping
Firescaping Firescaping


Images: clockwise, the soil where juniper was removed along the driveway, juniper between driveway and entryway removed, a crewmember watches the removal of segments of the pine tree, a three-person crew removes a large tree branch, highly flammable juniper next to the driveway and fire hydrant. 



Northgate Mall is being reimagined into a mixed-use town center. Community members have an opportunity to ask questions and participate in the dialogue. The proposal put forth by Merlone Geier Management seeks to create 1,356 apartments and redesign the layout of the mall. Community members are asking good questions about the size and impacts of the project on parking, water, transportation, housing affordability, and much more. I encourage community members to participate in the second online community forum on April 20 at 6:00 pm

Northgate Mall 1 Northgate Mall
Northgate Mall 2 Northgate Mall
Photo Credit: Merlone Geier Management



Our democracy relies on the right to vote. Check out the resources available on the Marin County Elections Department website including how to vote by mail, register to vote online, military and overseas voting, and more.

Vote Vote



After a year of Zooms, I'm excited to be getting back on the bike and on public transportation. Every year, as a personal challenge, I go a month or two without taking a single-occupancy vehicle ride to put our transit systems and bike infrastructure to the test. Not only does it help me get in shape but it helped me better understand the issues and policies that come before me as a decision-maker. In 2019, I eliminated 1,623 miles of single-occupancy travel. 551.org equated it to reducing 1,407 pounds of CO2 emissions and saving $438.52 in fuel and maintenance costs.

Join me! I do a raffle with the names of all of the people who participated in #RideWithDamon, and the winner is treated to lunch on the Civic Center veranda. Send me an email if you want to go for a ride, or send me a picture of your ride.

RideWithDamonDamon Bike



I am pleased to hear from you through these surveys. The thoughts you share add perspective. In the last survey about the vaccine, I learned that 57% of respondents had received a vaccine or appointment. Let me know your thoughts on climate change and sea-level rise and the Northgate Mall project by completing the new survey.

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