Key Priorities and Policies Update from Supervisor Connolly

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Damon Connolly

Dear Friends,

I am committed to providing a proactive approach and a healthy line of communication between residents and their local government. We are making progress with COVID, equity, housing, homelessness, transportation, land use, education, fire, disaster preparedness, the environment, climate change, and more. To support an active dialogue and share information on what is happening throughout the County and within District 1, I continue to update my Key Priorities and Policies page on the Marin County website. I am happy to share that the website now includes the latest information for 2021. 

I hope you take a moment to look over this page of priorities and policies impacting our community. Check out the links on the issues that you care about and share your thoughts with me. We will be updating this page periodically as issues develop and as we make progress towards our goals.

Key Priorities and Policies

This page is only one piece of our strategy to keep Marin residents informed and engaged in the issues most important to them. We are active on Facebook and Twitter and have set up dedicated email lists for relevant news and updates on specific issues.

Your input and active conversations are essential to our success. We are eager to hear your feedback, both in regard to the issues themselves and how we can best communicate with you effectively. Please email me at with your thoughts.

Let's keep talking,

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